This is the mobile age. The amount of web traffic that is identified from mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets is increasing day-by-day. In such cases, users are looking for exceptional experiences on their mobile devices, at par with their desktop experiences.

There are multiple methods using which websites are developed for mobile. Two of the most popular methods are creating responsive websites and using mobile templates, i.e., m. sites. Let’s see how they fare in comparison with each other.

If you are in the service industry and have a website or webpage that perfectly describes the service you are selling. The page also looks very good, and hence attracts visitors. However, have you faced trouble in not getting those visitors to convert to potential customers? Have you had your sales decrease or are unhappy with the number of leads your online channel has generated? This could be because your webpage lacks a call to action.

A call to action is a definite instruction to the visitor to provoke and immediate response. For example, a Buy Now or Call Us Now button on your page is a call to action. Such buttons evoke the required reaction from the visitor. This could be to increase the subscriptions on your website, or increase the leads/sales.

The types of Calls to Action on a page vary depending on the page content. Some of these are described below:

Subscribe: If your website is a blog or has a blog, this is a very important button that will help you increase the number of readers for your blog. You can place these at the bottom of the page so that they are visible when the reader is almost done reading your blog, or display it as pop-up on your page.

Buy Now: Any product that you are selling must have this button below it.

Free Trial: Users are more inclined to click this button and try the product/service before they pay for it. If nothing else, it helps you increase the leads captured.

Download: You can capture user information (mainly name, email and contact number) in exchange for case studies, analysis reports, white papers, etc.

Share Now: These are necessary if you want visitors to share your post on social media. These calls to action need not be buttons. They can be text and are best placed on top of the post.

In simple terms, identify the purpose of your webpage, decide what response you want from the visitors and accordingly place a call to action on your page.

If you have goods or services for selling but you have still not explored the e-commerce route, this is a must read for you.

Look around yourself; you will see people engaged in electronic devices and most of them into their laptops, tabs or mobile phones. No matter whether they are surfing through social sites or reading interesting blogs, there are several ads enveloping their content trying to woo them to buy what they have to offer. The chances of these users of clicking on the ads are extremely high and if the product is genuinely good, the probability of the user turning into a buyer is even higher. The best part is that the transaction can happen online just sitting where they are and happens within seconds.

Here are 5 top reasons why you need to be a part of this e-commerce revolution;

So you are advertising your product online through your website…. That’s great! But what’s next? Your consumer saw your product and understood its benefits but have you told the consumer what he is supposed to do?


The consumers mind works in a very sub-conscious zone specially while exploring ads and products online and offline. You can go through the best ads from history till date, they all have few things in common- tell the customer he has a problem, prove that you are the solution and then ask him to do the needful.

What is this needful?

E-commerce is the trend of this era when all the consumers are stuck on their laptops and phones to buy everything from clothes, shoes to even groceries. There are hundreds of e-commerce companies evolving month after month acquiring a fair share of the digital market place. This growing competition can be difficult to handle and to sustain in this environment it becomes important to stand out in terms of user friendliness, customer experience, sales and service and of course your e-commerce look and feel.

Here are 5 selected e-commerce websites that are so good that you can get some inspiration from them;

Having a website without website maintenance, is like buying expensive shoes but not getting a shoe polish to maintain their quality and look. Maintenance of website is extremely essential specially today when half the world is hooked on to the internet and many are there for some mischief.

Not having maintenance may not harm your website in the short run, but if you fall prey to many of the commonly occurring errors or misdeeds done by hackers you might regret your decision big time. 

Every person starts a website for a purpose whether it is information, selling, sharing thoughts, discussions, making transactions, etc. No matter how serious and commercial your website is it is crucial for you to ensure its daily hygiene so that it keeps running seamlessly.

Here are 5 common issues your website might face if you don’t have website maintenance;

Having a website is important for your business. However, having a haphazardly created website is as good as having no website at all. For all you beginners out there, we have compiled a list of steps that you could follow if you decide to create/get created a website.

You spent thousands to make your website, you read and executed multiple tasks that would make your website better, but google still is adamant against showing up your webpages to your customers.Hmm.. We know how that feels. It’s like having a product everybody is looking for but not being able to show them who you are and how can they access you. The reasons behind this marketing failure could be many, but listed below are the top 5 reasons which might have caused your website to stay ignored by google or other site engines.

Here's a simple question - why do you do if you have to find a local eatery or a gym or a club or a hotel or a store or a service centre etc etc etc. The most common answer is we surf through the net and find the information there, isn't it? Gone are the days when people who go out physically and find out whatever they are searching for. The world is online so if you want to reach out to them you've got to be where they are.

Here are 5 primary reasons why you cannot shy away from having a website:

A simple question... Why did you make your website?

Any business invests time and money to create websites for a sole purpose of easily reaching out to their customers online.

But is creating a website enough to meet your requirement?

The answer is 'NO'. Unless you use good SEO techniques to promote your website it will be hidden in one corner of this digital world. One of the most important techniques of SEO include Sitemap submission.

Sitemap submission is a process in which you summarise your website in a language and format which is easy for the search engines to identify and read. It tells the search engines about every aspect of your website and the content that it includes.

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