Website designing is one of the crucial elements of overall website development but seldom people think about it. They keep the boring design, seldom make changes to their template and give least attention to module positioning because of these they get low web traffic and it generate bad user experience. Convergence support offers services like CSS Customization, Template Customization, and Module Positioning in their business and enterprise maintenance plans.

1. CSS Customization: Through CSS customization you can change the look and appearance of the website. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and its codes are stored in CSS files and it defines appearance of the website when you buy business plan of convergence support desk then you get this feature.

2. Template Customization: Template should be visually rich and appealing to eyes, it should also serve the purpose of enhancing the look and feel of websites. Hence having a good looking and functional template is very important. Our business and enterprise plan include template customization features that allow you to raise tickets for basic modification of templates.

3. Module positioning: Right positioning of module is a great way to offer user a superior experience while using your websites. But sometimes it so happen that you may position module at wrong place due to which users can miss many important things. With this service you can reposition the module as per your needs.

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