1.Website Blog posting: Blog has become a very important part in company’s overall marketing strategy since it brings more traffic to websites. But at times it becomes a long task to write and upload blogs and hence to make this an easy task Convergence support desk’s enterprise plan offers blog posting services. So if you have a blog to post on your website then send a mail with your blog post attached and our technical team will upload the blog post. This is a convenient for companies who regularly write blogs.

2. Text changes: This is very important for those who need frequent text changes on their websites. If you want to change a text on your website then this feature from convergence support desk website maintenance plan will come handy. In case of a text change you need to send us a mail with the text that needs to be changed or replaced. Those who don’t want to take the trouble of getting a bit technical this service is best for them. We offer this feature in all the four plans namely starter, basic, business and enterprise plans.

3. Image uploads: This is simple to understand. If you want to replace an image on your website or want to add a new image then you can make use of this service. Just send us an e-mail and we will get the replacement done at the earliest. The image should be in standard format like jpeg, TIFF, PNG etc.

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