Cyber crime is on the rise. Every day you can find at least one incident related to this in the news paper. This is alarming considering the way these attacks are carried on. People’s bank accounts are getting hacked, their websites are getting hacked, and money is being siphoned from their accounts. This causes financial loss to the company and individual, a recent report has suggested that most of the financial data was hacked from company’s website through advance means. Considering the sophistication of the attacks one can assume that this is not the handiwork of any novice or amateur hacker. Hence to protect your website from hackers it is imperative that you use some expert guidance and deploy latest technology.

Convergence support desk is one such website maintenance plan that offers you rich features to maintain your website along with some advanced support to protect it from hackers. Most of the hackers use website vulnerability to get access to website and checking for those loop holes can definitely make the website more secure. Apart from financial losses the hackers possess risk to the security of the individual and the organization and also he may sell the data obtained to your competitor. Convergence support desk comes in easy to purchase plans such as starter, basic, business and enterprise plans.

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