Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting websites with the intention of gaining access to the financial and other confidential data of the organizations. According to the recent reports Mumbai saw 218% rise in cyber crime activities in the year 2012 and the other cities that topped the list were Bangalore and Pune. Many Experts believe that the reason for this increased activity is due to low conviction rate of cyber criminal by law and poor maintenance of online properties. Other countries have a strict cyber law whereas India as weak law related to hacking and phishing. Cyber criminals mostly target company’s websites with the intention of causing financial harms.

Companies need to take pro-active steps in maintaining their websites, the first in that is going for a proper website maintenance services. Though there are plenty of website maintenance services out there but Convergence Support Desk offers some nice features and security support. The plans are tailored as per the needs and budget of the customers. The plans are starter, basic, business and enterprise. It is a ticket based website maintenance services where customer can submit a ticket or query about their website related issues. When all the security measures are in place then chances of hackers of breaching your website is least.

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