Only creating a website and deploying it on the web is not enough if you want to profit from it. Like everything, websites also need maintenance. Either the entity owning the website can do it or the job can be outsourced to another IT services company. Either ways, you cannot ignore the fact that maintenance is very important.

Consider yourself to be the consumer. You find a new interesting website and immediately like it. You begin liking and relying on their services and products. You keep going back to the website again and again. However, over a period of time you find problems with the website. Sometimes some link is not found or some content has not been updated to reflect the current scenario. Also, you do not find the required information on the site and eventually you look for better websites and stop visiting this one.

From the perspective of the entity owning that website, this is a loss as they have just lost a valued customer. This will happen to all websites if they are not updated regularly. Maintaining a website involves updating the information on the site regularly, checking for broken links and repairing them, backing up the data from time-to-time and many other activities. Only if a website is maintained will the customers return to the site thus attracting more and more visitors; this will eventually increase the profits of the entity owning the website.

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