Every website aims to have the highest Alexa Ranking. What is Alexa Ranking? Basically, it is a measure of how well your website is doing in terms of traffic, activity, and content. Your Alexa Ranking decides how high your link is displayed in Google Search Results. For e.g., if your website is listed as the first or second result for a particular search query, it has a high Alexa Ranking.

How do you improve your ranking? Easy. Keep your website up-to-date in terms of content, keep improving on the features; this will keep the traffic flowing in and will result in a higher ranking for your website. Also, if there is a lot of communication happening on the website, such as likes and comments, the ranking goes up.

Regular maintenance of websites helps in accomplishing these tasks. With regular maintenance, the site looks fresh and keeps attracting visitors. The website will always be search-engine optimized and will help in increasing the ranking of websites on search engines. This, needless to say, will help increase your business and in turn, profits. Convergence Support Desk offers comprehensive plans that are designed to meet the needs of every type of client.

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