You probably got an agency to make you a Joomla website superfast, but what you probably didn’t realize is that the maintenance of your site cannot be “superfast.” In this day and age of quick fixes, I’ve attempted to save your time by listing 5 points to save your time when it comes to maintaining your Joomla website.

  1. Always use the latest version of Joomla
    Older versions of Joomla contain security holes and bugs, and are only supported by the Joomla community for a certain length of time. Once their support has ended, these bugs are no longer fixed, and your site becomes vulnerable if you haven't kept up-to-date with updates and patching. By installing the latest version of Joomla, and keeping it patched and up-to-date, you minimize the risks of your website being compromised.
  2. Choosing your login/username
    Version 2.5 onwards, Joomla has removed the default username from the easily-guessed "admin", and lets you choose your own username for administering your Joomla site. Choosing a username other than "admin" helps prevent brute-force attacks, where someone repeatedly tries to log in to your website with the username of admin, changing the password each attempt.
  3. Change the database prefix
    When you're installing Joomla, you should change the table prefix for the database Joomla uses from the default value. Doing so will help prevent any potential hackers from trying to access tables in the database.
  4. Password protect your administrative area
    A major failing in Joomla is that you can't rename the "administrator" folder. It has to be called that, because there are 3rd party plug-ins and themes that rely on it existing to work correctly. Because anyone trying to break into your site knows they can always go to “/administrator,” we need to have some additional protection. We can do this using an “htaccess” file.
  5. File and folder permissions
    Never, under any circumstances, set a file or folders' permissions to 0777. If a plug-in, module or theme needs this, then you shouldn't use it. There is absolutely no reason ever for a file or folder to need these permissions, and they are inherently unsecure. Because your PHP scripts run as your group ID, and not as separate processes, they only need user and group permissions, and never need world/other access.

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