For an e-commerce company, their website is a major source of revenue generation and hence maintaining it is of great importance. Though major e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon have their own in-house development and maintenance team, for an SME e-commerce website this not a feasible option. They can instead go for professional website maintenance services like Convergence Support Desk, for a fraction of the cost that they would otherwise pay to a permanent resource. Nevertheless, here we offer a few tips that SMEs can follow to make their e-commerce website yield more traffic and revenue.

  1. Fresh content, fresh traffic
    It is proven beyond doubt that any website with fresh and new content helps in Google Page Rank. This invariably brings more traffic and possibly more sales. So, if you want more sales on your e-commerce website then keep your content fresh and updated, upload the latest products, reviews, testimonials, images, pricing, features, etc.
  2. Use High-Resolution Product Images
    When you use high-quality product images it leaves a positive impression on the mind of users and also enhances their experience in knowing more about the products and its features. Hence, regularly updating your website with high-resolution images helps keep the visitor on your website for a longer time.
  3. Add Users' Product Reviews
    User reviews are a great way to let people know what others are saying about the products that they are considering to purchase. This way they can make up their minds and take purchase decision faster. Research has showed that an e-commerce website with user review sees more web traffic as compared to those websites that do not have them. It also helps users to connect with the brand by offering their feedback.
  4. Make Your Website Responsive
    Today is era of mobile computing. People spend more time on their mobile devices rather than on their desktops. It is also said that in the coming years, mobiles will play a vital role in sales and revenue generation of e-commerce websites. Hence, when you develop a website care should be taken that it works fine on mobile devices like smart phone and tablets. It should offer premium user experience and should be easy to navigate so that it becomes easier for users to locate the products they are searching for.
  5. Google AdWords
    Google AdWords is one of the most effective and fastest ways to reach more people across the globe in this digital era. This Google ad platform offers SME e-commerce companies an opportunity to efficiently use every dollar to attract more visitors. You can set up a Google AdWord account; this does not require any technical expertise as step-by-step procedure is given in the Google AdWord tutorial. Select keywords that perfectly define your products and services and make a competitive bid for them. Once you are done with Google AdWord account creation, then you need to optimize it on a regular basis to reap its optimum benefit.
  6. Social Media
    Being active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest will give you a much needed exposure that is a must for an SME ecommerce company to grow and flourish. Post what are you doing new, initiatives that you are thinking of, new product launch, etc., and keep the users engaged. Answer their queries, acknowledge their feedback etc.

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