Today, open-source technologies are used by both SMBs and large companies because of the better value they offer to the users as compared to the closed or proprietary technologies. Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress are some of the open-source CMSes that are used all over the world to develop websites and web applications. Being an open source they are cost effective, robust, and offer good forum support. However, many people still have this misconception that open-source technologies have a poor support system and lack security features. On the contrary, open source offers a better user support system than proprietary software.

Convergence Support Desk offers prepaid website maintenance service for websites built on open source CMS platforms, like Joomla and Wordpress. Though plenty of support is available online through different forums, it is always better to subscribe a web maintenance plan and let the expert take care of your website. The four plans that Convergence support desk offers include Starter, Basic, Business, and Enterprise with prices ranging from $39/month for the Basic plan to $249/month for the Enterprise plan. The plans are differentiated as per the services they offer and they come in handy for individuals or business owners who have their websites developed on open-source technologies and are looking for website maintenance plans.

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