The number websites are increasing exponentially and the race to grab user attention has become more competitive than ever. It has become imperative that you be at the top echelon to make the most of it. With the decreasing attention span of the users, it is important that we keep our website in top shape so that when users are looking for the products and services you offer they find you instantly. It is also important to follow the rules set by Google, one of the top search engines.

There are plenty of reasons why your website may not be organically listed on the first page of Google search results like poor quality of content, website design issues, 404 errors, broken links. These are not the only issues; there are many other issues that go unnoticed. Website development is a lengthy process and once a website is developed it is not easy to maintain it because of time, money, and resource constraints. The best solution in such cases is to go for a website maintenance service , like Convergence Support Desk, that offers different plans with features that can help you solve all the above mentioned issues and more.

Convergence Support Desk is one of the India’s best managed website maintenance service. With plans tailor-made to suit individual business requirements, it guarantees quick resolution time, saves money, offers more flexibility, and uses the latest web technology expertise. The seamless ticketing system used to solve your website related queries offers you more control over your website maintenance unlike the “time block” most of you purchase with other service providers.

We also offer 30-day money back guarantee in case if you are not happy with our service. For more information regarding our website maintenance plans, please visit Convergence Support Desk or call us @ 022 2513 6632. You can also drop a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..