With companies opening up to the concept of websites created using open-source technologies, platforms like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal are in great demand. Though companies have started showing their trust and faith in these open-source technologies because the latest versions offer better security, increased flexibility, and improved functionality.

However, in spite of being open source and having a robust support system, businesses fail to leverage the technology to their benefits. Some of the common reasons why companies are not able to perform better even after getting themselves an open-source website are the lack of consistent maintenance of their platform and not keeping the websites updated. Though it is easy to say that the company should migrate to the latest available version of the open-source platform, the technical expertise that is required to do this is not easily available. This is where Convergence Support Desk can help companies leverage the open-source power to boost the performance of their website and applications.

Convergence Support Desk comes with four feature-rich plans that take care of your basic to advanced website maintenance requirements. The prices are so affordable and competitive that the plans offer more value to the customers in terms every dollar invested. Convergence Support Desk can help you with your everyday content updates, layout updates, analytics, extension installation and updates, enterprise services, etc.

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