Internet Explorer—a word hated by most developers and maybe some users. Why? Because there is no other browser that troubles you like this one does. Yet, developers have been forced to continue providing support for this dreaded browser because there are still many people that use IE, right from version 6 to 11. So, to turn the believers into non-believers we’ve listed 7 reasons why IE should not be used.

  1. There is no solution to IE’s problems
    The Department of Homeland Security's United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team has actually released a statement saying that they don’t have a solution to IE’s problem.
  2. More safety from targeted viruses
    IE has been used for so long and by so many people that hackers find it an easy target to attack large groups of users. A safer alternative could be other browsers or Apple products.
  3. Microsoft is slow
    Microsoft is slow when it comes to fixing IE’s bugs. The last release of bug fixes was for bugs that were reported about 6 months back.
  4. IE has its own interpretation for code
    There is an unwritten “universal” rule that all browsers follow to interpret code. That is why all sites look and work the same on all browsers. Microsoft instead follows its own rules. This makes sites look and work weirdly on IE.
  5. No automatic updates
    Unlike other browsers like Chrome and Firefox, IE does not automatically check for updates for out-of-date plug-ins and extensions. This leaves the system vulnerable to attacks by hackers.
  6. No synchronization
    Chrome and Firefox synchronize your account details and saved bookmarks on all the systems that you use. This option is not available in any version of IE.
  7. No compatibility
    There is a Safari for Windows. But, there is no version of IE for Mac since Safari was developed in 2003. But then, the lack of compatibility of IE with the iPad and other mobile devices makes it an obsolete choice for a browser.