The owners of all small websites have a constant fear that their site, which is a not very well-known brand, will be ranked very low or not very favorably in Google search results. Now, Google engineer Matt Cutts has revealed that this need not be the case for all small websites. He has said that now, content will be king.

Google’s latest search algorithm has given priority to content. It now does not rank websites depending on the number of meta tags or keywords. Instead it displays results in the rank of latest content. Thus, if your website’s content is updated regularly, there are high chances that your site can get a high ranking in the search results.

There are many small sites that have taken over bigger brands in their market segment, like Facebook overtaking MySpace in social media and Google overtaking AltaVista in search.

It will be difficult for a small company to constantly update content on their site as opposed to a big company that has many people working on content. Cutts suggests concentrating on a smaller area of a topic and covering it really well. Then you can expand your range of topics and make it larger and larger.

With this new algorithm, Google has started giving more importance to quality over name and quantity of tags and keywords. Hence, producing exceptional quality content will certainly help in getting better rankings.