Businesses looking for a website maintenance service usually look for a total package from the service-provider like comprehensive website maintenance, website consultation, web security and designing etc. Since all this require a well-planned effort and know-how of latest technology many vendors fail to deliver such comprehensive website maintenance packages or plans. But we at Convergence IT Services took a different approach and designed a tailor-made plans for businesses who wants to tackle and solve their website maintenance challenges. Our plans offer one stop solution for business looking for Joomla, wordpress website maintenance. For simplicity and brevity we have differentiated each plans as starter, basic, business and enterprise this gives a clear understanding to customers to which plan they should go for as per their company’s needs. This arrangement offer increased flexibility to business owners to take informed decision.

Business which requires everyday updates related to image, text change and basic CSS change finds a great support in this website maintenance plans. Also businesses get a great security features that allows website to protect from, phishing attacks, hackers and unauthorized intruders.

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