A simple question... Why did you make your website?

Any business invests time and money to create websites for a sole purpose of easily reaching out to their customers online.

But is creating a website enough to meet your requirement?

The answer is 'NO'. Unless you use good SEO techniques to promote your website it will be hidden in one corner of this digital world. One of the most important techniques of SEO include Sitemap submission.

Sitemap submission is a process in which you summarise your website in a language and format which is easy for the search engines to identify and read. It tells the search engines about every aspect of your website and the content that it includes.

There are 2 steps to Sitemap submission

1) create a Sitemap- You can use any of the free available tools online which need your website url to create and give you a Sitemap.

2) Submit your Sitemap- Tools like the google webmaster can be used to submit the Sitemap. It also tells you if there are any errors on your Sitemap which might hamper your website performance when search engines look out for you.

Here's how Sitemap submission helps:

  1. Tells the search engines about your website and encourages them to send robots and read it.
  2. Tells you if there is any error on your website which needs to be taken care of.
  3. Helps you to achieve better search engine ranking.
  4. Helps you make the best out of your keywords.
  5. Gives emphasis to every page on your website ensuring no important content gets missed.

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