Here's a simple question - why do you do if you have to find a local eatery or a gym or a club or a hotel or a store or a service centre etc etc etc. The most common answer is we surf through the net and find the information there, isn't it? Gone are the days when people who go out physically and find out whatever they are searching for. The world is online so if you want to reach out to them you've got to be where they are.

Here are 5 primary reasons why you cannot shy away from having a website:

1) Reach out to multiple consumers
Unlike traditional mediums, website is one promotional platform which can reach out to millions of potential consumers immediately. Anybody around the world who might be interested in your services will have access to your website by merely typing a related keyword.

2) Could help in sales
It is not a coincidence that there are so many start-ups growing at such a high rate. The online selling business is at its peak and the entire transaction process is now extremely simple thanks to new age technologies. Even if you do not want to be a full-fledged ecommerce you can also have an option to buy online on your website or have an online enquiry / order form. It certainly helps you boost sales.

3) Best platform for giving information
Your website can be a great medium for you to talk to your consumers as much as you would like. As long as your content is interesting and creative people will remain glued to it. Websites are also dynamic so you can keep adding or changing regularly adding more freshness to your content.

4) Stay ahead of competition
It’s not just you who is trying to grow but all your competitors are in the same race too. And no matter how hard you try there will always be occasions where they will surprise you with their marketing stunts. In such cases the first thing that can be immediately used is website. You can use it to make announcements, issue press releases or launch a new campaign.

5) Get reliable consumer data
Thanks to several web analytic tools, it is now very easy to get accurate customer data who are visiting your website. If you have any interactions or transactions happening on your pages, your consumer data gets further targeted and you get real insights about your customers.