Having a website is important for your business. However, having a haphazardly created website is as good as having no website at all. For all you beginners out there, we have compiled a list of steps that you could follow if you decide to create/get created a website.

STEP 1: Set your objective
What are you planning to do on your website? Make it a blog and talk to people, get interactive by creating a forum, create a formal company website, and give information by making a content rich site or sell goods / services online through an ecommerce portal. The first step lays the foundation for all the coming steps in the process.

STEP 2: Create sitemap

One you know what you want, let’s start creating how you want it? How many pages should your website have and what should be their title? Your sitemap is a summarised blueprint of your page titles. It helps you understand your resource requirements in the following steps.

STEP 3: Plan your design and decide your CMS
Once you know your exact requirements, find out which formats will help you match them. If it’s an ecommerce you might want to try Magento or Drupal; if it’s a blog you might prefer wordpress. Also this is the stage when you start designing your pages as per your sitemap and the format you have chosen. Understand the possibilities and restrictions on your website and plan accordingly.

STEP 4: Get a developer
Once your look is fixed, get a professional developer to start making it a reality. He should be proficient in coding as per your selected CMS. Generally you should go for Website service agencies like www.convergenceservices .com who give you holistic services and you need not worry about  a thing.

STEP 5: Keyword research and Start writing your content
Get a professional SEO friendly content writer and give them a detailed brief about your company and your objective. Let them research some research and recommend good keywords for your website and write keyword friendly content to give a kick start to your SEO activities.

STEP 6: Gets hands on your backend
Once all your set-up is done its time to get your hands on the website yourself. Start operating the backend to update content, make additions and keep the website dynamic.

STEP 7: Start your SEO 
To get maximum clicks on your website indulge in both online and offline SEO techniques.

STEP 8: Get website maintenance
Creating a website is the first step and then starts the sustenance. The better you maintain your website the more profitable it remains to be for you. Get maintenance assistance from experts like www.convergencesupportdesk.com