You spent thousands to make your website, you read and executed multiple tasks that would make your website better, but google still is adamant against showing up your webpages to your customers.Hmm.. We know how that feels. It’s like having a product everybody is looking for but not being able to show them who you are and how can they access you. The reasons behind this marketing failure could be many, but listed below are the top 5 reasons which might have caused your website to stay ignored by google or other site engines.

Your page rank:
Yes, your website has ranking too. Who gives this does not matter but on what basis its given is what will help you improve it. Right from you content to the images used and the coding put behind your website matters. Several other factors like your tags, linking and keyword relevancy also play an important role in taking care of your page rank. The average page rank should be 4 and above out of 10 (10 being the best). Websites with ranking below 2 are considered bad and you won’t be surprised how many good websites get that ranking too. Bad page rank makes you irrelevant in the yes of search engines and they start avoiding your presence when customers search for related keywords.

One big issue causing bad ranking is insufficient website maintenance. You might have taken it lightly till date and thought your website doesn’t need the same, but thing again. Not having maintenance might be causing you high losses. 

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Your content:
You’ve surely read this one over and over again, but that’s just how important it is. Your content needs to be keyword rich but in the right proportion. Overdosing your page with keywords make it anti- search engine friendly. Be crip, don’t clutter up your space with too much saying. People don’t like to read too much. Keep it short, simple and to the point. Of course a tinge of creativity always gets extra points.

Did you submit your sitemap?
No we don’t mean creating a sitemap on your website that’s the basic thing you do. We are talking about the advanced step which you take on platforms like google webmaster where you submit a sitemap to the search engine thus requesting it to read through your pages and recognize them to be able to match with potential customers. Sitemap submission also helps you understand errors which might be hampering your page. We suggest you take help of a digital specialist or take up website maintenance to execute this task.

Bad back-linking:
Back linking is known to be one of the prominent ways to enrich your SEO. But did you know getting your links on pages with bad page ranks is equal to all your efforts wasted. Your linking should be on pages which are accepted by search engines, only then they make sense.

Your website format:
This one is more technical and related to the format used to create your website. Some formats which look creative like flash etc are not very SEO friendly since your content is not a part of the imagery and not in text format. Double check whether your format is SEO friendly before taking that call and also check which CMS is being used by your developer for the same.