Having a website without website maintenance, is like buying expensive shoes but not getting a shoe polish to maintain their quality and look. Maintenance of website is extremely essential specially today when half the world is hooked on to the internet and many are there for some mischief.

Not having maintenance may not harm your website in the short run, but if you fall prey to many of the commonly occurring errors or misdeeds done by hackers you might regret your decision big time. 

Every person starts a website for a purpose whether it is information, selling, sharing thoughts, discussions, making transactions, etc. No matter how serious and commercial your website is it is crucial for you to ensure its daily hygiene so that it keeps running seamlessly.

Here are 5 common issues your website might face if you don’t have website maintenance;

1) Getting hacked- Imagine logging on to your website in the morning and finding some irrelevant content sometimes even obnoxious one featuring on your domain. What could be worse is that you customer visits your website to see this absolute blunder. Wouldn’t that be a complete horror.  Spare yourself with website maintenance. 

2) Bad SEO- Maintenance involves managing your content and keeping your website SEO friendly. What’s the point of making a good website if the search engines are not able t detect you and feature you among the top results? But with maintenance this situation can be under your control.

3) Blank Pages- This could be due to some error in your coding or some malware which has affected your backend. Whatever may be the reason having a blank page is never pleasant for your user as it affects your credibility and even your sale. 

4) Data loss- Website maintenance involves regular backing up of data and also protecting it from external harms.  Your database is of prime important to your business, we would not recommend you to keep it at stake. Get maintenance and safeguard it.

5) Loss of consumer interest- This is the worst that can happen to your website. Whether it is because of the bugs on your website, or the monotony because you do not update it regularly, or because it is not upgraded to suit the latest configurations on your users phone, etc a customer lost once is lost forever. Maintenance helps you keep your website up to date for optimum customer satisfaction.