E-commerce is the trend of this era when all the consumers are stuck on their laptops and phones to buy everything from clothes, shoes to even groceries. There are hundreds of e-commerce companies evolving month after month acquiring a fair share of the digital market place. This growing competition can be difficult to handle and to sustain in this environment it becomes important to stand out in terms of user friendliness, customer experience, sales and service and of course your e-commerce look and feel.

Here are 5 selected e-commerce websites that are so good that you can get some inspiration from them;





1) http://www.greats.com/collections/the-royale-chukka
Go product by product or just choose your style form the silhouetted designs on the top. Easy scrolling!

2) www.bittermilk.com
When you have a limited range of exclusive products, the product becomes the king and the website just emphasizes on the same. 

3) http://www.leifshop.com/
The interface, colours and overall appeal tells you why shopping is therapy. Soothing colour schemes and neat presentation of products makes you want to keep exploring.

4) http://jmandsons.com/
Sometimes you don’t buy products you make additions to your lifestyle. The beautiful presentation of the products tell you just way you need to get that product right now.

5) www.lenskart.com
Love how the 3D trial option lets you view how the frame will look on your face. Its just so personalised that you enjoy buying and even trying.