So you are advertising your product online through your website…. That’s great! But what’s next? Your consumer saw your product and understood its benefits but have you told the consumer what he is supposed to do?


The consumers mind works in a very sub-conscious zone specially while exploring ads and products online and offline. You can go through the best ads from history till date, they all have few things in common- tell the customer he has a problem, prove that you are the solution and then ask him to do the needful.

What is this needful?

This needful is the action you want your customer to take to fulfill the objective of your ad spends. The objectives can be different depending on your final aim but they are achieved by the addition of ‘Call to action’. Call to action refers to asking the consumers to behave in the way you want him to by telling him what he needs to do.

For example;

If you want the customer to buy a product- you will have a buy now button on your website or your ad So once your customer is convinced about your services he know he has to buy and will click on the link and buy it.

If you are a college or any institution that is aiming to get applications, you will have an enquiry form as a call to action medium.

If you are trying to build a brand you can create some interesting contests or games that relate to your brand and advertise the same on your website with a call to action saying play and win to engage more and more audience.

If you are an e-commerce website and want more traffic on your website you can try a call to action saying best offers in town- buy now.

For a entertainment or blog based website- you want to attract more people to follow you- you could have a call to action like subscribing to our content.

Try a call to action button today and get better ROI for your website and promotions.

To know how to get a call for action button, speak to Convergence Support Desk.