If you are in the service industry and have a website or webpage that perfectly describes the service you are selling. The page also looks very good, and hence attracts visitors. However, have you faced trouble in not getting those visitors to convert to potential customers? Have you had your sales decrease or are unhappy with the number of leads your online channel has generated? This could be because your webpage lacks a call to action.

A call to action is a definite instruction to the visitor to provoke and immediate response. For example, a Buy Now or Call Us Now button on your page is a call to action. Such buttons evoke the required reaction from the visitor. This could be to increase the subscriptions on your website, or increase the leads/sales.

The types of Calls to Action on a page vary depending on the page content. Some of these are described below:

Subscribe: If your website is a blog or has a blog, this is a very important button that will help you increase the number of readers for your blog. You can place these at the bottom of the page so that they are visible when the reader is almost done reading your blog, or display it as pop-up on your page.

Buy Now: Any product that you are selling must have this button below it.

Free Trial: Users are more inclined to click this button and try the product/service before they pay for it. If nothing else, it helps you increase the leads captured.

Download: You can capture user information (mainly name, email and contact number) in exchange for case studies, analysis reports, white papers, etc.

Share Now: These are necessary if you want visitors to share your post on social media. These calls to action need not be buttons. They can be text and are best placed on top of the post.

In simple terms, identify the purpose of your webpage, decide what response you want from the visitors and accordingly place a call to action on your page.