Now-a-days every web development company seems to offer website maintenance services, though at first it may seem great but close analysis will tell you that the services offered by these companies are different from what it is promised. Website maintenance is a crucial aspect of post web-development process and not every so called website maintenance company is quick to respond to your website related queries. Apart from poor service they also charge customer highly and does not even offer full value for their money. Many start-ups along with small and medium businesses face such a problem because they have tight IT budgets and employing a dedicated resource is very expensive.

To provide solution to all these websites convergence support desk offers comprehensive website maintenance services. This service unlike the competition is well organized in four easy to select plans. The plans are customized as per the requirements and budget of the customer this helps them to stay within their budget yet have a world class website maintenance services. The plans include every aspect of website maintenance so that the customers get everything under one roof. From changing text to modifying website layout everything is covered in these four plans. Once purchased all one need to do is to submit an online ticket whenever you come across a problem without your website and as early as possible your queries will solved. You can also keep track on the status of your ticket this gives you complete control over the process.

If you want to purchase convergence support desk website maintenance plan or want more information regarding it then call us on 022 25136632 or mail us your mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.