Website is as old as the website development but lately it has gaining importance. Every website that we see on internet needs maintenance regularly to keep it up-to-date and protect it from hackers. At present large companies have their own in-house team who maintain their websites but for start-ups, small and medium companies recruiting dedicated resources is a costly affair and hence going for a proper website maintenance plan is good thing to do. Many companies now a day’s offer website maintenance plan but the issue with such companies is that they offer it as a part of website development package. Moreover, at times even they don’t have requisite technical know-how or even if they have the service is extremely pricey.

Many small and medium companies have faced challenging times when their website went down, or if they needed some urgent updates on their websites. To help such website owner with website maintenance services Convergence Support Desk that offers one-stop superior solution for Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress websites. Apart from price benefits Convergence Support Desk helps keep your website is up to date, Helps search engine in indexing your page and hence high visibility, Enhances company's brand image and help increase website traffic, helps your customer remains up-to-date will latest company information, offers you complete peace of mind with all security issues addressed promptly, gives you rapid response time on priority basis, backup of the website.

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