If you don’t maintain your website chances of getting it hacked remains very high this was revealed by a recent research done by an internet security firm. The research also proved that many of the website hacked are due to vulnerable programming and poor maintenance of website. Many small and medium businesses cannot afford to have a dedicated support executive because of the cost and technical expertise factors. And due to which they have no choice but to leave their website with no maintenance or occasional ones they carry out through some freelancer or small time website development firm. In both cases they risk on compromising on the important data which is neither good for the company nor for the customers. E-commerce websites which have this payment gateway facility needs special security measures for their websites.

Convergence Support Desk offers feature rich four website maintenance plans for startups, small, medium and large businesses. All the plans are customized keeping in mind the requirement and affordability for customers. Instead of having a compulsory annual plans customer can purchase an initial 6 months plans to see the benefits of the services and thereafter renew the plans. We have a team of experts who will answer the queries of customers and offer them complete assistance for any website related problems. 

Check out all the plans and pricing at support.convergenceservices.in and if you still need more information then do get in touch with at 022 25136632 right away.