Colors can subconsciously have a lot of effect on your visitors. They conceive a perception about your company and website by seeing the overall look of your website which is predominated by the color scheme you use.

Like the phrase says ‘ Add colors to your life’, colors can enhance the overall look of an individual, a thing and even a website provided the right shades are applied to match the personality. With the availability of thousands of colors in the palates, it can be a real challenge to choose the right one. 

Here are 5 ways to choose the right colors for your website;

What’s in the name? Well…. When it comes to your website… everything is in the name!

Whats your name is the first question you ask when you meet someone. Even while introducing yourself it’s your name that gets the priority. That’s how important the power of your name is. It is the core of your identity. The same implies for your website too. Your domain name is the name by which your website is identified and searched on browsers. Having the right domain name means you are easy to identify and you let your customer know about yourself even before he sees your website.

Here are 5 things to consider while naming your domain;

Parallax websites have gained huge popularity in the past few years. People enjoy scrolling through the content up and down rather than clicking through multiple web pages. However it is always better to consult a professional developer while using this technique since overusing it can ruin its usability. It can make your website slow to load, non SEO friendly and also too complex for the user.

Here are some websites that not only got the technique right but did a great job with it. Check them out for some interesting references;

One fine day you login to your website just like you do regularly, but your website seems to act strangely. There are some extra links, some pages are missing and there is some unidentified content. These are some of the obvious symptoms that your website has fallen prey to some smart hacker. 

Hacking can sometimes be easily identified as it brings along some easily usual changes, but serious hackers whose intention is way beyond just having fun might hack your website in such a way that you don’t even realize that somebody has gained access to your digital property. This can be very dangerous. Since such hacking can lead to misuse of all your data and the data of your users which has got saved in your website. This can lead to a lot more damage than you can imagine. Viruses left by hackers multiply and spread to your user’s systems as well when they access your website. You could lose a lot of goodwill and traffic thanks to such mischief’s.

Some ways you can identify that you are being hacked also include unusual traffic patterns or suspicious behavior on your pages. If you notice some old content suddenly getting active or attracting suspicious number of comments you might want to do a spam check. Anything on your page that cannot be defined as normal is an alarm that you need to check your website from hacking and malware.

Social media has caused a stir in today’s generation; there is no reason to keep away from it on your website

Every man who is on the internet is in some or the other way utilizing social media for personal entertainment or connectivity. People find sense in integrating their social accounts with anything they do digitally. So when they play a game they login with maybe their facebook id or if they are accessing a health app they like to integrate the same with their twitter account and often even publicize their achievements and updates. Whether it is relevant or not is another matter of debate but if you are looking to make a user friendly website, having social media integration is a certain must.

Two of the most popular ways to integrate social media on your website is : 
1) Have your social accounts integrated with your website. Means, every time you update something the live feed gets auto updated on your website too. So your website always has some fresh content and activity to show + it can help feed fresh content to the search engines too.

2) Create a login functionality wherein the user can login on your website using one of their social accounts with whom you have associated. You get the relevant data required to process what the user came to your website for. It accumulates a lot of genuine data for you.

Before you get into the details about how often you should update your website, it is important to understand why this updating is crucial.

Just like life, on the web also dynamic properties are better rewarded than the static information giving websites. The main aim of any website is to attract maximum traffic on the page. And one of the core ways of doing this is by ensuring a strong SEO backup for your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to making your page search engine friendly. So if you customer is trying to find you or any service/goods related to yours, the search engines like google, yahoo, binge ct search across the billions of web pages across the globe. It becomes important then that your website has the right information integrated for the search engines to read it and identify you and thus display your page as the top option for the customer.

What’s the best way that search engines read your websites and web pages? Answer is ‘CONTENT’.

It is not a coincidence why content is called the king. Your content can help get your right targeted traffic to your website and once they are there good quality content helps to retain the visitor for a longer span of tie on the page. And further in several cases it also helps get repeated visits.

You spent thousands to make your website, you read and executed multiple tasks that would make your website better, but google still is adamant against showing up your webpages to your customers.Hmm.. We know how that feels. It’s like having a product everybody is looking for but not being able to show them who you are and how can they access you. The reasons behing this marketing failure could be many, but listed below are the top 5 reasons which might have caused your website to stay ignored by google or other site engines.

Your page rank:
Yes, your website has ranking too. Who gives this does not matter but on what basis its given is what will help you improve it. Right from you content to the images used and the coding put behind your website matters. Several other factors like your tags, linking and keyword relevancy also play an important role in taking care of your page rank. The average page rank should be 4 and above out of 10 (10 being the best). Websites with ranking below 2 are considered bad and you won’t be surprised how many good websites get that ranking too. Bad page rank makes you irrelevant in the yes of search engines and they start avoiding your presence when customers search for related keywords.

While briefing our designer about the company website our common goal is that "My website should be such that the visitor should be so impressed and engaged that he goes through every page." And honestly, that’s how a company website should really be. Why settle for anything less?

It is beneficial to understand some basic qualities of great websites that make them so awesome. Lets check out 5 amazing websites which you could take inspiration from.

Website errors can be a nightmare especially if you expecting regular consumer traffic and if even a small part of your business depends on it. And even if your website is just a dormant part of your setup having errors on it can hamper your company's perception.

Dodging website errors can be easy if you are preventive. Knowing in advance what kind of errors your website is exposed to and knowing how you can avoid them will save you a lot of unnecessary hassles.

Although kind of errors the reasons why they happen are many luckily we have a single solution to manage them – website management.

Website management is a single solution that takes care of all your website issues and needs. It also takes care of all the updates that are needed to keep your website up and going. It is advised to take expert help to manage website maintenance as they understand your website needs both technically and creatively.

Here are 5 errors that your website is prone to and website maintenance can keep them at bay:

Businesses that don't have a website are like schools that run without books.
It seems impossible how companies cannot have a web identity in the form of their own website.

Websites no more just remain the face and identity but help in business growth as an active marketing tool. There are several ways in which websites can be used as an active digital marketing tool.

Some of them are;

SEO: Although you would debate that SEO is a means to attract more attention to the website, the website in itself is the best SEO forming tool. Good content, right tags and keyword rich communication on your website can help you grab a high amount of right targeted traffic on your website. And once they are there its up to you what you want them to do on your Web pages.

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