Having a website is a common thing nowadays. Almost every business has it. What differentiates a good website from a bad one is the level and quality of maintenance that the website gets. Maintaining a website is a tedious and time consuming task.

Trying to maintain your website by yourself can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have to learn the system from the scratch. Instead, handover the task to the experts. Convergence Support Desk offers packages that are light on your time and pocket. The plans are designed in such a way that no matter how big or small your business website, there is a plan for you. We charge you by the number of tickets, not the number of hours and we have a maximum resolution time of 48 hours. This means that no matter what plan you take, your problem will be resolved in 48 hours.

This saves money and time, and gives you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about your website’s upkeep.

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Businesses that heavily rely on their websites to make a profit should have websites that function flawlessly. These websites are mostly e-commerce websites, e-learning websites, social media sites, etc. These businesses usually have very good websites that have many features and high traffic. It is this high traffic that brings in the revenue. No business wants to lose its revenue.

For this reason, business websites need to be maintained on a regular basis. The regularity can be once a day, once or twice a week or even more often than that. The maintenance activities involve activities like updating content on the website, checking for missing or broken links (such links give the 404 error), taking frequent backups of the data so that in case the website crashes or is hacked there is no time wasted in getting the site back up. Setting up and taking care of site security is also an important task in the maintaining a business website as nobody wants the confidential data of their clients to get leaked.

Carrying out the maintenance activities themselves is very difficult for businesses unless they have a very strong IT team. The easier option is to give the responsibility to experts. There are IT companies that provide maintenance services at very affordable prices. The personalized care provided to clients is a highlight at such companies, and the plans are created in such a way that all the needs of the client are met.

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Only creating a website and deploying it on the web is not enough if you want to profit from it. Like everything, websites also need maintenance. Either the entity owning the website can do it or the job can be outsourced to another IT services company. Either ways, you cannot ignore the fact that maintenance is very important.

Consider yourself to be the consumer. You find a new interesting website and immediately like it. You begin liking and relying on their services and products. You keep going back to the website again and again. However, over a period of time you find problems with the website. Sometimes some link is not found or some content has not been updated to reflect the current scenario. Also, you do not find the required information on the site and eventually you look for better websites and stop visiting this one.

From the perspective of the entity owning that website, this is a loss as they have just lost a valued customer. This will happen to all websites if they are not updated regularly. Maintaining a website involves updating the information on the site regularly, checking for broken links and repairing them, backing up the data from time-to-time and many other activities. Only if a website is maintained will the customers return to the site thus attracting more and more visitors; this will eventually increase the profits of the entity owning the website.

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Many website owners can testify that building and deploying the website is only half the work completed. Maintaining your website so that it is always up and running is a difficult task for most owners, especially if they are not from a technical background. So why not leave the maintenance task to the experts? Pick out any web services company and subscribe to their maintenance plan. Other than giving you peace of mind there are so many other benefits:

Benefits of a website maintenance plan

  1. Your website is always up-to-date: The content on your website is always the latest that helps increase traffic on your site.
  2. Search engines will index your Site: Latest content helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., to index your web pages. This helps tremendously when people are searching for services that you offer and you are easily located.
  3. Increases your web traffic: Always updated meta tags, search engine friendly URLs, highlighted text, etc., help to bring in more web traffic.
  4. Increased profits for you: The increased exposure and traffic will lead to improved sales for your company and eventually lead to increased traffic.
  5. Enhance your online brand value: An up-to-date website will always have the latest information for its customers leading to reliability and trust, and enhanced brand value.
  6. Never lose your data: Constant back-ups of your data ensure that in case of any malware attack or crash your website will be running again ASAP.
  7. Save Money: Affordable packages help you get value for your money and peace of mind because you don’t actually have to do anything.
  8. All security issues tackled successfully: Most packages address all web-related security issues, leaving the client completely tension-free.

For more details about or to buy a maintenance plan, visit support.convergenceservices.in, call us on 022-25136632, or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All companies have different needs. That is why they have different websites. The needs of an informative website are different from that of an e-commerce website. Hence, your maintenance plan should also be such that your entire website’s needs are met.

Convergence Support Desk has introduced different plans for different types of websites. If you have an e-commerce website, the site will need to be up-to-date almost every week with new products, reviews and testimonials. The traffic on the site will also be high and will have to be monitored so that the site is never down. For such sites, the Enterprise plan will be the most applicable. This plan covers all website-related tasks and has the lowest TAT that is very required for e-commerce sites.

For companies that have an informative website that has lots of textual content but needs to be updated only once in three months or so can go for the Basic or Business plan that will handle corrective maintenance, content uploads and updation, etc.

Companies that are new to Convergence Support Desk and want to try the level and quality of service we offer can test the waters with the Free Startup plan.

For more details on the plans or to subscribe to a maintenance plan, visit support.convergenceservices.in, call us on 022 25136632 or drop us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Businesses invest in websites so that they have a presence on the worldwide web as well and hence increase their business. However, most of the times websites lie dormant with almost nil activity and end up becoming a liability for the business. The reason for no traffic on websites could be broken links, outdated content, anything. This leads to the business paying money for a website that does not increase their sales. For improved sales from a website, a business needs to keep the website updated, for e.g., the images and content need to be up-to date at all times, there should be no broken links on the site and the site should be easy to navigate.

Convergence Support Desk offers services such as Content Updating, Corrective Maintenance, Backups and Recovery, Optimization and Performance Tuning, etc., that are sure to make your website stands out in the Web. Convergence Support Desk’s maintenance will make sure that your website is seen and known. This will increase the traffic on your site leading in increased saes and improved profit.

For more details about or to buy a maintenance plan, visit support.convergenceservices.in, call us on 022-25136632, or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A website is made with the aim of increasing one’s sales. The website can be informative or e-commerce. However, if there is no traffic on your website, i.e., there are no visitors, your sales will be impacted. To increase the traffic on your site, your site should be updated regularly. There are chances that 32% of the total visitors to your site are converted to customers. If you are an e-commerce website, you need to keep updating the products on your site, give lucrative discounts and offers and keep introducing new products. For an informative website, you need to keep your content up-to-date and the images fresh. For all types of websites, you need to keep your links updated, make sure there are no broken links that give a 404 error.

Convergence Support Desk helps increase your traffic by doing all the above mentioned activities and more for you. Our round -the-clock Automated Breakdown Maintenance informs us as soon as your site goes offline so that we can start repairing immediately. You can choose the best plan for yourself from the 4 comprehensive support plans that we offer. Other than the services mentioned above we also perform backup and recovery of your website, performance tuning, password recovery and a host of other services that. Our attention to detail, personalized service, and dedicated support will leave you with no complaints about us.

For more details or to buy a maintenance plan visit support.convergencservices.in, call us at 022-25136632, or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Having a website gives you online identity and helps you market your products and services across different geographies. But to keep your website functioning it is very important to maintain it by frequent updates, safeguarding it form virus and hacker attacks etc. Many businesses don’t give much importance to website maintenance and those who do are not aware of any comprehensive plans available. Convergence Support Desk is a affordable website maintenance plans that covers you frequent website updates and security related issues.

There are four easy to purchase plan which users can purchase as per their requirements and budget. Whether the company is a start-up, small or large businesses Convergence Support Desk offers features for everyone. If you are interested in purchasing website maintenance plan then feel free to dial 022-2513 6632 or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also visit our website https://support.convergenceservices.in/ and go through each and every plan in detail this will help you make decision based on your requirement and budget.

Recently there has been an increased attack on commercial websites around the world, even some of the biggest names in the corporate world including, Apple, Twitter, Linkedin, Adobe and Microsoft have not been spared by this sophisticated hackers. This leads to trust deficits among customers who regularly purchases, products, services or uses the website. How safe is their confidential data? What if someone retrieves and misuses their financial information? Who should be held responsible? The company? The hackers? Who? There are plenty of questions surrounding website security and their need to be effective solutions to answer these fundamental questions. Though there is no fool-proof or a single way to secure your website form hackers but you can do various things that will make phishing or hacking almost impossible. One of the best ways to offer a secure transaction experience to the user is through implementation of SSL Certificate.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer protocol, first created by Netscape to ensure secure transactions between web servers and browsers. But today it is used by almost all the major websites dealing in e-commerce and online purchase. To offer the same level of confidence and web security to the customers of Convergence Support Desk, now users can purchase any website maintenance plans at support.convergenceservices.in confidently since the website is SSL certified. It offers same level of security and trust that customer expect while buying products or services.

This Comodo SSL certificate offers highest possible encryption levels for online transactions. Each certificate is signed with NIST recommended 2048 bit signatures and provides up to 256 bit encryption of customer data. The reason we use SSL certificate is to keep sensitive information encrypted while sending it to the destination server, and this way it help protect important data form hackers and online data thieves.

If you want more information about the plans and pricing of website maintenance check out this link https://support.convergenceservices.in/plans-a-pricing you can also mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 022-2513 66 32

Every website requires maintenance so keep it updated and look after the security issues. Market is crowded with these so called experts who charges exorbitant money but does not offer great services. Website maintenance from a trusted and reliable partner is must so that going forward you don't have to face any kind of issues. At times many companies go for part-time and freelancer to maintain their website to save on cost but the result is unprofessional service and long turnaround time. Keeping all this in mind convergence IT services offers convergence support desk. This is an online website maintenance services that comes in four feature rich plans namely Starter, Basic, Business and Enterprise plans. Each plan is tailored to suit requirement of different businesses like small, medium and large. The plans are priced in such a way that even a start-up with limited budget can opt for our starter plan.

We choose some of the best technical people to work on your websites and hence offer you quick and reliable services. Unlike other service providers we have a dedicated team who are specialized in dealing with different types of website related queries. We have ticket based support service where you can raise or send us a mail stating your problems. Once you raise a ticket it is then assigned to concerned experts and it is worked on. After the completion you receive a mail. The process is so much easy and convenient that Convergence support desk increases the efficiency of website maintenance turnaround time.

If you want to know more about different plans and pricing then please visit http://support.convergenceservices.in/plans-a-pricing or you can call us on this number 022-25136632 or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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