Many times it happens that a website may be a victim of phishing or hacking at that time corrective website maintenance feature which you get in convergence support desk’s basic, business and enterprise plans can be very helpful. In this if you see any suspicious activities on your website then you can raise a query to our support department, they will check and correct the issue at the earliest. This is a sort of preventive measure where you can protect your website form getting hacked. Convergence Support Desk is tailored in such a way that it offers optimum website maintenance to companies. With increased hacker activities it is important that we must have website maintenance plan in place so that you can get help form experts.

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Website is your gateway to sell your products and services to the world. It is one of the most effective and nice way to keep your customers updated. For most people they think developing a website is all they need to do make sales but the truth is developing and maintaining website go hand in hand. Sometime your website goes down and you may not realize this and this may frustrate the users and cause a considerable loss in business. To help you offer a solution on this you should opt for Convergence support desk. It is a website maintenance plan which you can purchase online and submit tickets in case if you come across any website related queries. One of the feature that you get in Enterprise plan is Automated Website breakdown maintenance services this feature is similar to Website breakdown maintenance services but in this case you need not raise a ticket in case if your website is down, a ticket will be automatically generated as soon as your website goes down and it is received by our support department. In this we run a program which keeps checking your website every 5 minutes and if it detects that website is down due to some reason then the program generates support ticket to our support department automatically. This saves your time and helps you serve your customer better. It also helps in search engine optimization.

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If you want more information about Convergence Support Desk you can drop mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 022 2513 6632

Website maintenance services are important, it helps your website to keep updated and fix issues that can lead to security vulnerability. For many companies getting their website developed is much easier and simpler than maintaining it. We know this problem of users and hence to solve it we have come with convergence support Desk – a website maintenance services. This service helps you to purchase website maintenance plan and solve your queries through e-mail/tickets. Different plans come with different features one of the most useful features in the maintenance plan is website breakdown maintenance service. This service helps you to raise a ticket in case if you have website issue due to server problem. We will help you resolve the issue by contacting the hosting company, and get your problem solved at the earliest. Most of the time it becomes very technical when dealing with a website hosting company and hence getting a professional helps is always desirable. Convergence support desk’s all four plans have these amazing features.

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Most of the website plans that are available in the market consist of few basic features which do not fulfill the maintenance requirement of many websites. They are also expensive and hence start-ups, small and medium companies could not afford it. Many of the website maintenance service providers are mere consultants who outsource their work to smaller companies, who by far don’t have even expert technical people working at their company. Hence to offer solution to many businesses with robust website maintenance plan known as convergence support desk. There are four features namely starter, basic, business and enterprise with 33 features in all. The company also have in-house team of technical experts who have years of practical experience in maintaining websites. Convergence support desk also offers robust security feature that protects the website from getting hacked by the hacker.

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Website maintenance is one of the key parts in overall website development process. Maintaining websites is not a one day task, rather it is a continuous process. There are many companies which offer website maintenance services but some of them offer the services for high price and some lack expertise. In both the cases it is difficult for some start-ups and small medium companies to go for it. To offer these companies robust website maintenance services Convergence Support Desk offers easy and affordable website maintenance services. There are four plans namely basic, starter, business and enterprise plan and they are tailor-made as per the client’s requirements and budgets.

The basic plan starts at $149/year and start-up companies who have less frequent updates can go for it. The second plan is a starter plan which starts at $239/year and is great for medium sized companies which require frequent updates. The business plan is good for companies who have website with more frequent updates. The enterprise plan is ideal for large media or e-commerce companies which require quick and important updates on their websites.

Getting website maintenance is not an option but a necessity. Though many business owners are reluctant to go for websites but the advantage it offers outweighs the cost associated with it. Here we offer top 5 reasons why you should consider website maintenance plan if you don’t have one.

1. Always stay updated
Keeping website updated is one of the fundamental ways to have good web traffic. Whatever changes that happens in your company like launching of new products and services change of management etc needs to be updated on the website this will help users to know what exactly is happening in your company.

2. Optimizing the website for speed and search
Google is one of most popular search engine and almost 90% of people use Google to search for the products and services they are looking for and hence optimizing your website for Google will bring more customers through your door. Also it is important to optimize speed on your website so that people visiting your website have a great user experience. This is helps them to stay longer and this increases the prospect of sales of your product and services.

3. Website Backup
Websites contains important files, photos, videos and pages. Having a website maintenance plan allows you to take regular back-up of your sensitive data so that in case your server crashes or get infected you will get all the important data.

4. Protect your website form Hackers
With malware and hacker attack increasing day by day it is important to get a robust website maintenance plan form a reputed service provider. This is one of the best ways to insure your website form getting into the hands of hackers.

5. Continuous improvement
Website maintenance is a continuous process and hence it is a long-term commitment. Getting a expert service provider is one of the important aspect of website maintenance process. Hence to keep your business ahead in competition

Today every business maintains a blog it helps them in SEO and also gets them good web traffic. With success of blogging phenomena there are millions of blogs online and Wordpress is one of the most preferred platforms for blogging. With the increased popularity of wordpress blog the hacker attack have also increased.

Hence it is very important to secure your Wordpress blog form hackers and to do that couple of things should be kept in mind.

1. Add a login lockdown pluggin this will ensure that only limited login attempt can be made.

2. Adding layers of security like cloudflare can help to identify hackers and their activities. This helps to take timely action to prevent important data compromise.

3. Set the wordpress account with different user name rather than just default Admin.

4. Creating a strong password which should be the mix of upper and lower case letter which proper use of symbols and numbers.

5. Maintaining websites through experts and taking regular backups of databases.

6. Double check the hosting provider security arrangement, sometime vulnerable hosting environment causes hacker penetrating into your website.

7. In case you come to know that your WordPress blog is hacked then act fast.

Our website maintenance plans cover wordpress website security features - if you need more information please visit our plans and pricing section or you can drop a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Joomla is one of the most popular CMS platforms which can used to develop websites and web applications. Those who owns Joomla website or those who develop websites on Joomla CMS need Joomla website maintenance. Traditionally user depends on the website developer to offer support and maintenance once the website is done. But today Joomla has evolved and the expertise require in maintaining Joomla website is high and due to this the cost associated with maintenance increases considerably. This makes Joomla website maintenance an expensive proposition for start-ups and small businesses. However, over the course of time the website needs some or the other changes like updating contact details, emails, SEO, blog posts, design related, change in UI etc. Convergence Support Desk offers an affordable alternative to the usual expensive website maintenance plans. It offers four plans that are customized as per the customer’s requirement and priced affordable. Customer can visit and purchase the plan online and start submitting tickets or queries for the website related issues. Many small companies are reluctant to purchase this Joomla website maintenance plan as they think this is not important for them. But the fact is website maintenance is a reality and every company that have website on Joomla needs Joomla website maintenance plans. In the long run it convergence support desk saves money, creates positive brand image, helps rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Today businesses see getting a website maintenance plan as an important part of their overall strategy of web development. Convergence Support Desk offers superior website maintenance plans for maintaining open-source CMS websites at a very affordable price. There are four feature rich plans namely starter, basic, business and enterprise each plan is designed as per customer requirement and price accordingly. Purchasing a website maintenance plans from convergence IT services offer multiple benefits for the customers. One of the major benefits is the expert solution customers get when they purchase this plan. There are many website maintenance plans that are available in the market but many of them are either expensive or lack expertise on latest technology platform.

Getting website maintenance helps you maintain your website by regularly updating content and keeping the hackers at bay by updating security patches. Today Convergence Support Desk helps some of the big names in the industry to help maintain their websites including Capital First (future capital), Emc, Exim Bank etc.

If you need more information regarding these plans then you can visit our website or call us at 022 25136632. You can also mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 As technology is progressing, new tools are becoming available to develop websites and various applications. Today every business must develop a website for its company irrespective of the business vertical they are in. Website is you company’s online assets and identity. Though open source CMS is a great way to develop websites there are proprietary technology available people use to build the website. Use of different technology to develop website depend upon the nature and requirement of the business, today most of the small and medium and including some large organization prefer developing their website on open-source technology. Businesses pay details for website development but not website maintenance. In India very less number of website owners go for proper website maintenance services most of the time the reason is due to exorbitant prices, lack of technical expertise and some-time non availability of skilled resources.

Due to non-maintenance of websites the content do not get updated regularly, security patches not get updated, and the website does not keep up with the latest trend in the web technologies. This leads to poor customers experience, lack of new business opportunity and hacking of your websites. To help business owner have a truly amazing experience convergence IT services offers Convergence Support Desk a professional website maintenance plans. This service comes with four feature rich plans and offers you complete flexibility to choose the plans as per your needs. The prices are also very competitive this makes even a start-up to go for this plan.

So if you are looking for a website maintenance plan for you Joomla, wordpress or drupal website then there is nothing better than having a best website maintenance plan form convergence support desk. You can call us at 022-2513 6632 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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