If you don’t maintain your website chances of getting it hacked remains very high this was revealed by a recent research done by an internet security firm. The research also proved that many of the website hacked are due to vulnerable programming and poor maintenance of website. Many small and medium businesses cannot afford to have a dedicated support executive because of the cost and technical expertise factors. And due to which they have no choice but to leave their website with no maintenance or occasional ones they carry out through some freelancer or small time website development firm. In both cases they risk on compromising on the important data which is neither good for the company nor for the customers. E-commerce websites which have this payment gateway facility needs special security measures for their websites.

Convergence Support Desk offers feature rich four website maintenance plans for startups, small, medium and large businesses. All the plans are customized keeping in mind the requirement and affordability for customers. Instead of having a compulsory annual plans customer can purchase an initial 6 months plans to see the benefits of the services and thereafter renew the plans. We have a team of experts who will answer the queries of customers and offer them complete assistance for any website related problems. 

Check out all the plans and pricing at support.convergenceservices.in and if you still need more information then do get in touch with at 022 25136632 right away.

Website development and its maintenance both are important part of overall website development process. Many start-ups and small sized business, due to expensive maintenance plan, do not go for it. The result is decrease in business, brand value, security threat from hackers and so on. Now to help these businesses with superior website maintenance and provide superior security form hackers Convergence IT services offer Convergence Support Desk a website maintenance plan. There four plans comes with various features and cater to different business and their needs. The plan price for starter plans starts form US $149 for one year and can go till $1499 for Enterprise plan for one year.

For start-ups who do not require extensive updates and maintenance can go for starter plans and like businesses with extensive updates and large sites can take advantage of our enterprise plan. We have expert team of support executives who are well acquainted with latest technologies in website development and maintenance. The online ticket based support process helps you to submit any website related queries and get it solved by our experts. If your website is not maintained properly there are chances that people who visit your website won’t get up-to-date information and chances of your website getting hacked remains high. Compromising on users experience and important data is never a good idea and going for Convergence Support Desk is affordable way to secure your website.

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Website is as old as the website development but lately it has gaining importance. Every website that we see on internet needs maintenance regularly to keep it up-to-date and protect it from hackers. At present large companies have their own in-house team who maintain their websites but for start-ups, small and medium companies recruiting dedicated resources is a costly affair and hence going for a proper website maintenance plan is good thing to do. Many companies now a day’s offer website maintenance plan but the issue with such companies is that they offer it as a part of website development package. Moreover, at times even they don’t have requisite technical know-how or even if they have the service is extremely pricey.

Many small and medium companies have faced challenging times when their website went down, or if they needed some urgent updates on their websites. To help such website owner with website maintenance services Convergence Support Desk that offers one-stop superior solution for Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress websites. Apart from price benefits Convergence Support Desk helps keep your website is up to date, Helps search engine in indexing your page and hence high visibility, Enhances company's brand image and help increase website traffic, helps your customer remains up-to-date will latest company information, offers you complete peace of mind with all security issues addressed promptly, gives you rapid response time on priority basis, backup of the website.

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There are millions of small businesses spread across the country. Many of these companies also have websites of their own but most of the websites are not maintained properly and are not updated with latest security patches. This results into website being attacked by the hacker or loosing on some serious business. To keep your website updated and offer it security from hackers then it is important to get website maintenance from a reputed service provider.

Convergence support desk offers four plans which are feature rich and affordable. This allows even start-ups, small and medium companies to go for it and have an advantage of being a secured websites. Large companies have their in-house website maintenance team but for start-ups and small companies they cannot afford a dedicated website maintenance plan hence purchasing a prepaid plans is best for them. Most of the time this small website is vulnerable to hacker attacks, no timely updates which leads to loss of business and security loop holes. Today website is a must for any companies irrespective of their sizes and serves as an online identity of any business and customer visit website first to gather information about the company, its products and its services.

If you feel your present website maintenance service provider is not offering you the best of the services in spite of charging you high or if you have a website but wants to purchase a website maintenance plans then please feel free to call us at 022 25136632 or drop a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Today website has become a necessity for every business. For many, website is a source of revenue generation and for others their online identity for their business. No matter what is your business type having a website with detailed information about your company, its product and services is must. This will help users and customers to know about the company and its latest offerings.

In India the website maintenance sector is highly fragmented and unorganized. Many people still think that website maintenance is not important and they don’t care to go for professional website maintenance services. But the fact is that today internet has become a very crowded place and to make your website visible to customer is very important to keep it updated. Website maintenance has its own advantages and it greatly benefits the website owner. Convergence support desk is a comprehensive website maintenance services for companies looking for an affordable and trusted website maintenance services. Some of the advantages of website maintenance include keeping your website up-to-date, helps in indexing of the page by search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Helps enhance company’s brand image, addresses websites security issues protect website from hackers etc. These are more than enough reasons to get a website maintenance plan right away. Convergence Support Desk is affordable that makes it ideal even for start-ups and small companies to take advantage of this.

Website maintenance is very important for success of your online or offline business. Website is your online identity and many people who are looking out for information about your company, product and services visit your website to get it. Making an initial impression is very important but to do that you need few important techniques to follow. Just building an attractive website will not guarantee visitors to your website, all you need to do is maintain it with regular updates and security fixes to maintain the flow of visitors.

Below are 5 useful tips that you can use to maintain your website.

1. Keep updating with new content: Content is the fuel for your website. Updating your website with new content regarding products, services and latest information with latest development will help you your visitor to know about your company and its latest developments. Regularly updating your website with new blogs, news articles, product updates will keep on engaging your visitors, giving you more web traffic.

2. Check out for multiple browser compatibility: With people using multiple browsers to surf websites it becomes important to check your website for the compatibility on different browsers. Today there are number of browsers like Google chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, safari, opera etc making your website compatible to all these is very important.

3. Make your website search engine friendly: Google is a world largest search engine and making your website search engine friendly will help your website to rank higher on Google page. Following various practices like SEO, adding meta tags, improving tag titles, optimizing key words will help your website to rank better and will bring more web-traffic.

4. Check for broken links: Broken links are bad for your website it leaves a bad impression on your visitor. Hence you need to check regularly on broken links. If you come across any broken link fix it. Sometimes broken links becomes very annoying, at times it happen that a business which are linked to you have been shut down, in that remove their link. Keeping eye on small thing like this can yield a better result in a long run.

5. Call for action: If you want to give your visitor enhanced user experience then you should have space for them to give comment, feedback, suggestions etc. Many times this becomes very useful as users point out error, bugs and suggest improvement to your websites. Asking visitors to offer review can also improve your websites.

The website maintenance is one of the very important aspects of the whole web development process. But people still don’t give much importance to website maintenance for lack of expert and affordable solutions. To offers website owner with a long-lasting solution Convergence Support Desk offers you four feature rich website maintenance plans. These plans are designed in such a way to help them with superior and timely services at a fraction of the cost from the competition. The four plans are starter, basic, business and enterprise each plans comes with its own set of features. Starter and basic plan is good for start-ups and small businesses whereas business plan is ideal for medium business and large companies can make use of enterprise plan. The prices for all the plans are very affordable which further makes it more desirable as a website maintenance plan.

Once the customer purchases the plan he can submit a ticket regarding any website related queries. Customer can submit limited number of tickets assigned as per the plan purchased. Once the ticket is submitted via support system the queries get resolved at the earliest maximum time taken is 48 business hours. 

If you want to purchase any of the plans just go to support.convergenceservices.in and purchase on line or if you want to purchase it offline then just e-mail to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 022 25136632

There are millions of websites active on internet and to get noticed it becomes imperative for the website owner to get a professional website maintenance plan. But many still believe that they don’t need any kind of proper website maintenance plan. With increase in hacker attacks and stiff competition it is very important to keep your website active and updated and for that post website development you need website maintenance plan.

Below are 5 important reasons to choose Convergence Support Desk

1. Affordable: There are many website maintenance service providers out there but they are so expensive that start-ups and small medium companies cannot afford it. Convergence Support Desk comes in four simple and easy to use plans that are priced affordably that helps even companies with tight budget to go for it and maintain their website in professional way.

2. Expertise: Convergence Support Desk offers professional services with well-experienced team handling all your queries. The technical team comes with practical experience on latest technologies making it easier even for your toughest queries to solve.

3. Feature Rich plans: Most of the website maintenance services come with limited features but convergence support desk offers various plans with customized requirements and budget.

4. Prevent hacker attack: With regular monitoring of website it becomes easier to prevent hacker attacks and save your crucial data and information from hackers. Hence Convergence supports Desk offers website hacker protection feature for enhance your website security.

5. Online ticket based service: Convergence Support Desk allows you to send any website related queries through support desk system. This saves your time and helps you keep track on your status of the work. This way you will know the progress of your work.

If you want to purchase convergence support desk website maintenance plan or want more information regarding it then call us on 022 25136632 or mail us your mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Now-a-days every web development company seems to offer website maintenance services, though at first it may seem great but close analysis will tell you that the services offered by these companies are different from what it is promised. Website maintenance is a crucial aspect of post web-development process and not every so called website maintenance company is quick to respond to your website related queries. Apart from poor service they also charge customer highly and does not even offer full value for their money. Many start-ups along with small and medium businesses face such a problem because they have tight IT budgets and employing a dedicated resource is very expensive.

To provide solution to all these websites convergence support desk offers comprehensive website maintenance services. This service unlike the competition is well organized in four easy to select plans. The plans are customized as per the requirements and budget of the customer this helps them to stay within their budget yet have a world class website maintenance services. The plans include every aspect of website maintenance so that the customers get everything under one roof. From changing text to modifying website layout everything is covered in these four plans. Once purchased all one need to do is to submit an online ticket whenever you come across a problem without your website and as early as possible your queries will solved. You can also keep track on the status of your ticket this gives you complete control over the process.

If you want to purchase convergence support desk website maintenance plan or want more information regarding it then call us on 022 25136632 or mail us your mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Many website owners have now realized the importance of superior website maintenance services. With internet users increasing every day website are going to play a crucial part in the company’s success. People are turning to websites to get information regarding the company its product and services etc. Hence keeping your website up-to-date will help you to attract more and more customers and increase your web traffic. It will also help fix-up all your security related issues and protect your website from hacker. Convergence Support Desk is a fresh initiative that offers website maintenance to Joomla and wordpress CMS. As both are open-source platform seldom users find a proper and well skilled service provider. But with convergence support desk user can select from four customized plans as per their requirements and budget.

Business owners who cannot afford dedicated resources to maintain their website convergence support desk is an excellent alternative. Also since website maintenance is not a core activity of most businesses and hence it is always better to go for a professional who are expert with that. Convergence support Desk comes with experienced team members who have requisite skill to maintain website based on Joomla and Wordpress CMS.

If you want to purchase convergence support desk website maintenance plan or want more information regarding it then call us on 22 25136632 or mail us your mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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