There are hundreds of open source content management systems in the market but the most popular of them are Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. These three open source CMS commands the lion’s share in the market. But out these three which is the best CMS? Which gives better features and top-notch security features? Which is more reliable?

There is no one answer for this but need a comparative analysis of all three open source content management system. Let us talk each one of the CMS in brief,


WordPress is a free open source Content Management System that can be used to create and manage websites or blogs in a user-friendly way. It is widely used all over the world for creating dynamic websites for blogs, e-commerce websites, company websites etc. Wordpress is easy to use and does not requires any technical skill to master it even users with no knowledge of coding and software development can easily use wordpress. The large part of wordpress is used by users for blogging purpose and it also used for company and e-commerce websites. It comes with plenty of features, tons of layouts and readymade Plugins which makes things implementation of wordpress a breeze.

But Wordpress needs some freedom with its user management system. Wordpress doesn’t make frequent plugins update unlike its software this can result into bugs and customizing the available plugins is somewhat limited.


When we talk of Joomla as an open source content management system we are talking about some serious content management system par with the proprietary content management software. Joomla is widely used open source CMS after Wordpress. Using Joomla is easy and does not require any knowledge of coding or software skills. There are thousands of plugins available for joomla, which gives users greater flexibility compared to others. Joomla is complete Content Management System software and can be used to develop any type of Website like e-commerce, company website, community websites, media website etc. The plenty of resource available on Joomla helps a beginner to grasp the subject early on.

Though Joomla undoubtedly is one of the most preferred open source content management systems yet it have scope for future improvement like the use of java script and CSS can get bulky, it takes time to load. Joomla have a bigger learning curve compared to Wordpress and some of the plugins that are available cost money.


Drupal created by Dries Buytaert is one of the most complex open-source content management systems in the market used by some of the world’s biggest name including The White House, Popular Science, Harvard, MIT, Ubuntu, Sony Music etc. Drupal offers its users all the basic feature needed in the development of a dynamic website some of them are user account registration and maintenance, RSS-Feeds, menu management, system administration and page layout customization to create sites ranging from blogs, product, forums community site etc. It offers greater flexibility to developer and helps them to make simple or complex website. It also has advanced administrator controls, plenty of plugins etc to make things easier.

Even though Drupal is a dream for developer to work with yet it can be better at some part like usability drupal out there is not the most user-friendly platform and it has a high learning curve. It also lack backward compatibility, Drupal based website takes longer time to load compared to its other counterparts Wordpress and Joomla.

We just saw in brief that every open source CMS has its own merit and demerit and hence to point out which one is the best would be difficult. It all depends on your use and requirements.

When is the right time to get Joomla website maintenance plan? This is a question which bothers most of the Joomla website owners and to be frank there is no straight answer for that all it depends upon your need and frequency of updates. And the part your online website plays in the success of your business. There are hundreds and thousands of businesses in India and with web-development becoming affordable everyone is going online. Having a website is becoming more of a requirement than a status symbol for businesses. Website offers information about the company, its products and services etc.

But many people think getting website is all they need to make it an online success but the matter of fact is it is just first step of the process and indeed an important one. But to get the real mileage out of your website you need to keep it updated with fresh content, images, demo videos, layout etc. If you do your update once in a year then you may better find some freelancer or some developer who will charge you once for the changes but if you need frequent updates more than 3-4 times a week or month then you should consider for a Joomla website maintenance plan.

Convergence IT Services offers you some of the best prepaid Joomla maintenance plan as per your budget and requirements. It helps you save money, gives expert solutions and promises quick turnaround time for your Joomla website related problem. The plans come in easy packages namely starter, basic, business and enterprise and the prices are kept affordable so that even small businesses can take advantage of this exclusive service.

Website maintenance is one of the vital steps in the overall website development process but many website owner give it a miss and rely on freelance web developer for its maintenance. At times many of them are so ignorant that they don't even care to maintain their website and yet expect increased traffic and sales, these are not more than wishful thinking. The lack of proper website maintenance plan can have a adverse effect on the overall digital marketing strategy. Whether you are a customer facing website doing online sales or a normal company website doing B2B sales website maintenance has become more than important in today's competitive atmosphere. Though their are many website maintenance service provider in Mumbai but only a handful or for that matter no one is offering a detailed website maintenance the way we are offering. The maintenance plan we call convergence support desk is designed keeping mind different business so that no matter if you are a startup or a SME or a large business everyone can take advantage of this plans. The prices are competitive and comes for different terms like monthly/quarterly/Half-yearly/Annually. 

Convergence support is a service offered by Convergence IT Services, a mumbai based company with headquarter in Mumbai. There are four discrete plans namely starter, basic, business and enterprise plans each plan is designed and priced as per the requirement of the customers. T You can purchase this plan online with few clicks. If you want to purchase it online or drop us a mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. once you have successfully purchased the plan you can start submitting tickets. For any queries you can call us on 022 25136632.

Our team of experts assures you of great services and fast response and resolution time. With Convergence support Desk you get complete peace of mind for your website maintenance plan.

Making a Drupal website is a one-time cost but you cannot say that for its maintenance. Because once you are done with your website development it becomes very important that in future you keep the Drupal website up to date with latest information of your company regarding launching of new product or services or events etc. Also with the increasing amount of phishing and hacker attack it is very important for you to protect you website form it especially if you into online e-commerce website, where people do shopping and payment.

But today making Drupal website cost less compared to maintaining it and hence to offer every Drupal website owner a solution Convergence IT services brings affordable Drupal website maintenance services known as Convergence Support Desk. This service comes in four plans each with their own features and price. Since the plans are highly flexible and comes with robust features it has plenty of advantages for customers to go for it. Since for many website owners maintaining website is not a core activity and hence buying this plan will save their valuable time which they can use to concentrate on their core business activities. No matter what is the size of their business whether it is small or large Convergence support Desk works perfectly for both of them.

Since Drupal is one of the world’s largest used open source CMS the need for Drupal website maintenance is the need of time. We offer you expert solutions with quick turnaround time at a very affordable cost.

Joomla is one of the most popular open source content management systems others are Wordpress and Drupal. The plenty of features offered by Joomla makes it a preferred choice for many developers and application development engineers. But just having a website online is not the only requirement if you want to make your website famous. Keeping the website up to date and managing its security issues is equally important. But many website owners don’t have proper access to support services for this Joomla platform hence convergence support desk offers you prepaid plans for your website maintenance. If you want to make a lasting impression with your websites then keeping it up-to-date with latest company information, protecting it from hackers and malicious content will help you with that.

The support plans are designed and priced as per the requirements and budget of the customer, and hence these plans can be useful for small start-up or a large company. There are four plans in all namely starter, basic, business and enterprise. Convergence support Desk has made the buying of plans easy and simple all you need to do it select a plan, buy it, and use it. With growing number of websites customers cannot afford to lose business because of website maintenance services. Also employing an in-house website maintenance team is a costly proposition and may not offer the level of expertise that we have with Joomla CMS. Currently many companies use convergence support desk services to help them better manage their Joomla websites and provide them with value-for-money service.

With the advent of latest web technology the cost of website development has drastically come down. Due to this more and more businesses are going online to sell their products and services or just to offer information about their companies. All this has led to the gap between website development and its maintenance most of the people don’t go for website maintenance since cost are high and even if they go for it they chooses some freelance or basic website development, who don’t have much experience in this filed. Here at convergence services we have a dedicated team of experts who have years of practical knowledge on various technology like Joomla, wordpress, drupal, html, php, Ajax, Jquery and many more to give you quick and affordable solutions.

Our plans are designed as per the needs of the customers and budget hence it perfectly offers solutions that they can depend on. If you have decided to purchase any of our plans or want to get more information regarding them then send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us right away at 022-25136632.

Convergence Support Desk offers total website maintenance solutions for small, medium and large businesses. With expert support team at work you can assure yourself of flawless services every time. The team that fix your problem has years of particle experience of working on various web-development technology. So if you have a website build on any platform like Joomla, wordpress or drupal CMS you can purchase our easy-to-understand and affordable plans that apart from giving you superior services offer you complete peace of mind.

Convergence Support Desk is a one stop solution for all your website maintenance needs. The way this process work is easy to understand and do. Once you purchase the plan you get a confirmation mail and you are good to go. If you come across any website related problem all you need to do is raise a ticket or simply mail us your website issue, once we get your ticket it is assigned to the support team, which works their way to fix up the problem. In the meanwhile you can check the status of your ticket any time by logging in. Once your issue is solved you get a mail informing you about the same.

If you have decided to purchase any of our plans or want to get more information regarding them then send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us right away at 022-25136632.

Joomla is a world famous and one of the most popular and widely used open source content management system. It comes with robust and scalable features which helps your business to grow and flourish. But getting website done is just one part of website development process but to maintain it once it is done and keeping it functional is also equally important. Convergence Support Desk offers you one of the best website maintenance plans at very affordable rates. The plans are tailor-made as per the requirement and budget of different businesses. Convergence support desk take care of your website maintenance so that you get plenty of time in your hand to concentrate on your core business activities. It also helps to keep your website updated with latest company information.

 Recent report by research agencies suggests that businesses that maintain their website by keeping updated information on their websites tend to have more web traffic on their sites and greater sales and revenue generation. Convergence Support Desk with its expert team promises to offer quick and dependable services for both joomla and other websites.

If you have decided to purchase any of our plans or want to get more information regarding them then send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us right away at 022-25136632.

Getting a website is easy but having a consistent maintenance support is very important. Convergence Support Desk offers Website maintenance support for your website. It comes with different plans, starting with starter, Basic, Business and Enterprise plans. You can purchase any one of them as per your requirement and budget. The features included in the support plan ranges from text, image upload to taking back-up and additional enterprise level services. Many companies don’t have a proper website maintenance services provider and even if they have they do not have expertise or technical know how to manage websites build on different platforms but at convergence support desk we take website maintenance very seriously and our team has years of practical experience and hence better prepare for any kind of website related queries.

Now-a-days having a website for your businesses is a norm and since internet has reached almost every part of the world it is very much evident that having a website will help to get more business and revenue. When choosing to develop your website it is important to make the choice of best technology or platform on which you will build your website. If you are low on budget yet you want a robust and scalable website then you can choose from Joomla, wordpress or drupal.

Website development is just one aspect but what matter most in the long run is the maintenance of that website. We offer website maintenance services for your websites at a very affordable rate. This open source CMS maintenance services for websites which are developed on Joomla, wordpress or drupal come handy for businesses that don’t have proper web maintenance support. This website maintenance support comes with plenty of features and delivers superior results through a strong support team.

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