Today every business has one or more websites for their products and services. With advent of open source CMS technology it has become more easy and affordable to develop websites on this platform. Some of the open source CMS are Joomla, wordpress and drupal. Developing your website on anyone of this platform has many advantages. Some of them are its scalability, security, flexibility and plenty of features. CMS is popular among many developers as it gives them the scope of creating amazing websites with minimum effort.

But having an amazing website is not the end of road rather it is just a first step. To keep your website up to date, and manage it from regular crash and viruses you need regular maintenance of your website. Convergence support Desk offers CMS website maintenance services for small and large businesses. Convergence support Desk covers every aspect of your website maintenance from text or image update to data back-up. The different plans allow you the flexibility to choose best plans as per your budget and requirements. Keeping your website maintained and regularly updated helps you get more traffic and thereby more business.

Wordpress is one of the largest open source content management software in the world. Currently it is a leading platform for start-ups, small and medium businesses. Wordpress started as blogging platform for individual and professional bloggers but recently wordpress CMS has been used to developing e-commerce store, corporate website, community portals and many more.

To offer maintenance support to your wordpress CMS Convergence support desk offers you a single basic maintenance plan. The plan is highly affordable and comes with basic features like text and image updates, multimedia uploads, meta tags etc

Convergence Support Desk a professional Joomla maintenance plan delivers you with quick solutions for your website problems at a very affordable cost. There are plenty of Joomla website maintenance service provider but most of them are freelancers or small time website developers, who lack the expertise requires to handle critical Joomla related issues. But at Convergence Support Desk you can purchase customized plans as per your business requirements and add value to your Joomla website maintenance service.

Our services include from basic content updates for start-ups to advanced enterprise services for large scale business. Instead of spending huge amount of money on freelancer or novice developers it is always a better idea to go for Convergence Support Desk Website maintenance plan. Hiring dedicated resources offers you with little flexibility and expertise. As the online medium is one the fastest medium to reach your customer, maintaining it with latest updates and free from bugs always work to your advantage.

Convergence Support Desk, is an initiative of Convergence IT Services, offers Joomla website maintenance services for those having websites developed on Joomla platform. This service is backed by highly skilled Joomla experts, who are up-to- date with the latest technology in Joomla CMS. Our website maintenance services allow you to get optimum result from your website and help you concentrate more on your core business. Our Joomla website maintenance plan comes in easy selectable plans and at a very affordable price point. So select the plan which best suits your business requirement and leave the rest to us.

This service offers an opportunity for start-ups, small and medium businesses who cannot afford a dedicated team of website administrator to look after their website. Purchasing Joomla website maintenance plan from Convergence Support Desk offers you multiple benefits apart from affordable price like quick turnaround time, impeccable support via e-mail, chat or phone*, high level of security measures, improved SEO response. With high cost associated with employing dedicated resources for the website maintenance it is a great way of saving money and getting superior services through Convergence Support Desk website maintenance plan.

Joomla is an open source content management system it powers millions of dynamic websites all over the world. It is preferred by developers and website owner for its ease of use, high scalability and robust security features. The major advantage of Joomla over other proprietary website software is the support users get from the hundreds and thousands of Joomla community members. But this kind of support is unpredictable making it not-so-good support option for businesses that have high activities on their websites.

To help website owners who have developed their websites on Joomla and looking for dependable and affordable support, Convergence Support Desk offers easy and ready-made solutions. We, with our highly skilled Joomla experts offer world-class services in managing and maintaining your websites. Our support team comes with practical knowledge and latest technical know-how in the Joomla support to deliver you with quick solutions.

This support is highly useful for those having :

  1. e-commerce websites
  2. Business websites or portals
  3. Office Intranet and Extranet
  4. Blogs and personal homepages
  5. Community based websites
  6. Media based websites (Print, News, Magazine etc)

These are just few of them you can include other websites also which are built on Joomla open source platform.

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