As crucial as it is to get your website and other Web properties in place it is equally important to ensure that your target consumers know you exist and get to know about your presence.


You thought content is a one time job that just needs to be put up for the sake of it? Read more to explore the reality about how content can change the fate of your website and business.

Before discussing the reasons why you should have a blog it is important to understand the difference between blogs and other articles. Blogs are not press releases or boring corporate articles they are more personalized content that should seem more like a one to one talk rather than a carefully written formal letter.

In this digital world your website is the first impression of your business
but is your customer able to reach your website?

Your website is a game changer for your business. Customers and clients judge you from the way your website looks. But the bigger challenge is to ensure your customer reaches your website. In the clutter of your competitions, it takes a lot more than being good to stand out. And the probability of customer searching you direct by your business name is less than him searching the service you provide. Your website needs to be well-versed with the technical hacks that help search engines to identify you and give your business the prime digital visibility.

Your website is the digital representation of your business; make sure it leaves a good impression by effective website management.

Imagine a women's dress store called Store A in a local market. Season after season, month after month store A continues to show the same stock of clothes to the buyers. Also the mannequins outside store A have been showcasing the same outfit since the day it started. Now imagine another store B right who keeps changing his shop display every week and ensures to bring in new variety of clothes every month. He also keeps sales and schemes for special festivals and periods. As a buyer where would you go to buy clothes? Isn't the choice obvious?

Don’t be fooled by numbers, make sure the money drops in too


With the ample options available to build web traffic, getting audience to your webpage is no more a big challenge. The real test is turning the visitors to buyers. Without conversions, your website is like a retail store meant only for window shopping.
Our objective to be on the web is to mint some money, and so the focus needs to be the quality and not the quantity of your audience. Here are 5 factors that can decrease the chances of making higher conversions on your page.


Future Smart Cities

Technology is transforming millions of lives every day across the country and to bring this benefit to individual city Government of India has chosen 98 cities that will be converted to a smart city in the near future. This is an ambitious project of Indian Government which will further boost the “Make in India” Campaign initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This will also establish India’s presence in respected league of niche countries who have undertaken such initiatives. Though everything seems to be perfect on paper and in theory putting those in action is all that matters.

Social Networking sites have become an integral part of our modern society. Today with the advent of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin number of people going online to connect with each other has risen exponentially. There are certain things that need to be taken into account while using social networking sites for personal or professional reasons. One of the most important things is to maintain your privacy while sharing information on social networking sites. How are you going to do it? Below are certain tips that will help you.

Things to remember while using social networking sites

There are millions of small businesses around the world and today most of them are connected to internet to carry out their business activities. Though internet offers them an easy way to sell their products & services but it also can cause some serious threats to the business in terms of data loss, financial loss and Identity theft from security lapses or hacker attacks. Businesses face major challenges including Spam, Phishing, Viruses and Spyware on regular basis.

Business needs to be first aware of the internet security threats that exist and then use best practices approach to keep themselves safe and secure from online threats.

Some useful Tips and Techniques to safeguard Small business from Internet Threats

Safeguard your small Business

Online shopping trend is growing exponentially in India though it took some time to join the bandwagon of the online shopping craze but as the word of wisdom goes “better late than never”.  Today online shopping websites are giving tough competition to the traditional brick & mortar store to the extent that there is disruption waiting to happen. Some of the major factors contributing to the online shopping include high discounts, 24x7 anywhere, anytime shopping, home delivery and flexible payment options. But with all the benefits that come with online shopping there are some growing concern about data security. Though most of the website tells you they are secure and it’s safe to buy products from their sites but there is more than meets the eye. More than 60% of Indian tech savvy people buy online and this number is set to increase in the coming years. It is estimated that an average Indian user spend around Rs 6000 per year on online shopping. 

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