With changing IT security dynamics hackers have updated their skill sets to a new level. Today apart from breaking into complex computer network of big multinationals hackers are regularly targeting home routers. When a hacker breaks into a router it never gets reported or make into mainstream news because it lacks the usual ‘punch’ of the news. IT experts have warned that most of the routers that people use are built on old technologies and are insecure. Hackers are increasingly targeting vulnerabilities to get easy access to the home network through routers. This makes all your devices like computer, phone, tablet, security camera, printers, scanner connected to the router vulnerable. This security loop holes allows hackers to access confidential files, install malware or virus on a network without the need of computer system.

secure your router from hackers

A website is an online medium for your company to showcase your products and services to the customers it also helps them to connect and know more about your brands. The first thing a person does when he wants to know more about your company is to visit the site. The first impression that he takes from visiting your website is far more important than the subsequent ones because we know that first impression is the lasting one. So it is imperative that your website offer a seamless and flawless experience to your customers and users. Today with the increasing competition and shorter attention span keeping your website up to date with latest information and devoid of any bugs is a big challenge. For many companies maintaining website in-house is time, resource and money consuming and hence not an ideal long term solution for maintaining the sites. For some companies site maintenance not being their core activities they look for outside agency to maintain their websites. Most of the companies that look for site maintenance specialist are the SMEs since it is affordable for them and they get solution quickly through the vendor expertise.

With the rising popularity of Joomla, WordPress and Drupal more startups and SMEs are opting for these platforms to develop their websites and applications. Since these platforms are open source and offer improved features, functionality and security they are highly preferred by many organizations compared to costly proprietary CMSes. Developing websites like online store, news site, community portal, social networking sites etc using these open source CMSes – allows you a robust online presence. One of the things to remember is that after developing sites it is very important to maintain it regularly so that it attracts visitors on your site – the purpose of going online is to establish increased sales and improved brand value. But many businesses forget the cardinal rule that proper website maintenance play a key role in increased website traffic and online sales.

wordpress, joomla & drupal maintenance

Website Maintenance is not the core activity for most of the businesses irrespective of their size - Startups, SMEs or large organization. For most of them Website maintenance is considered as the secondary activity and little emphasis is given on putting the right team or choosing the right technology partner in place. Most of the time this happens because companies are not made aware of the benefits of website maintenance and sometimes the prices are so high that many prefer to manage the website themselves with rudimentary technical expertise. With increasing competition even a minute of website downtime can lead to thousands of dollars of losses in sales.

Outsource website maintenance

Websites are vulnerable to hacker attack no matter how secure you make it. Hackers will find a loophole to exploit the vulnerability and trespass. Joomla is one of the widely used open source CMSes for developing websites and web applications. Here we look at how through simple changes we can protect and keep Joomla website safe from hackers.

10 Tips for Joomla Hacker Protection

Before the advent of Content Management System developing a dynamic website was cumbersome, tedious and time consuming one had to either depend on costly proprietary based technology or rudimentary based open source technology. Both of them required technical expertise to develop, spending countless hours in updates and maintenance. Once more robust and feature rich open source CMS started to come in picture the process of website development improved to higher extent. Out of the popular three WordPress, Drupal and Joomla the first to come was Drupal, it was launched on Jan 15, 2000.

Open source CMS

Website maintenance is not an easy thing to do and anyone who has a website or maintain one will agree with this thought. If you have an online business then maintaining your website regularly becomes an important task to get increased web traffic.  For most people – either they have online business or a CMS website – maintaining them is not their core activity. Most of them easily get frustrated with the steep learning curve and round the clock updates. It is simply a waste of money and time –trying to do something you don’t have expertise on. It is better to get technical experts onboard who are well-versed with latest web technologies. Most of the website suffer from poor update cycle, old and outdated content, vulnerable plugins, extensions, lack of non-compatibility to the latest mobile technology.

Website maintenance in one click

Now-a-days every other company offer website maintenance services promising tall claims of providing all possible solution under one roof. You find hundreds of businesses mushrooming worldwide everyday with an assurance of maintaining your online assets. But taking their words on face value is not a great idea. It takes years of practical experience and countless hours to develop special skills and technical expertise to learn new technologies and work on toughest website queries. which is hard to find in a new business. Convergence support team offers consistent training and development to its team so as to nurture their skills and technical know-how.

website maintenance, convergence support desk

Companies offering website maintenance services scream about the offers they are running on their websites promising tall claims but close inspection proves otherwise. Many website development agencies offer maintenance services on either hourly packages or ticket based solutions. Some of the prices are ridiculously low which lures the uninformed customers in buying such packages. They discover the shock when they actually use the services and experience it firsthand. Many customers have had a bad user experience when they go for website maintenance based on cheap pricing rather than good technical expertise, skilled executives & robust processes. 

right website maintenance

According to market research firm eMarketer global E-commerce market value stood at $1.5 Trillion in 2014 and it is poised to reach $2.3 Trillion in 2017. Even a small percentage for this gargantuan market share is huge and significant. Today e-commerce space is crowded and with competition becoming stiff and colossal. Each passing day startups have to face new challenges like attracting capital for growth, finding skilled resources, space for office etc in such circumstances it is prudent for eCommerce companies to look out for cost saving alternative while reaching to new customers. Today some of the largest E-commerce companies in the world generate half of the sales and revenue in the market this still leaves a large market for budding ecommerce companies. So how to catch attention of the users when they are online and searching for the products or services that you sell? Do you need tons of cash to get things going for you? What is the secret behind getting attention of the customers?

Increase your ecommerce website traffic

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