This Website Maintenance and Support service Level agreement is between Client Company hereafter "The Client" and Convergence IT Services Pvt Ltd hereafter "The service provider". This document defines the minimum performance measures at/or above which the service delivered is considered acceptable.

1. Definitions

1.1. “Website Maintenance and Support Prices” shall mean a cost paid by the Client for website related Services. These prices are paid on Monthly (only for enterprise plan), quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis. The prices depend on the selection of the website Maintenance plan.

1.2. “Tickets” shall mean a mail or a request sent by “Client” via a web interface to the “service provider” to solve a particular problem concerned with the website.

1.3. “Website Maintenance and Support services” consists of four distinct plans “Starter, Basic, Business, and Enterprise”. Services shall be provided as per the plan chosen by the Client. However, the service does not including Server Side Scripting or Database modifications.

1.4. “Server Side Script” shall mean a program that is processed on the server, before the information ever reaches the user’s computer.

1.5. “Plan” shall mean the initial (1, 3, 6 or 12) months term of website maintenance services after selection by Client.

1.6. “Plan Renewal” shall mean any (1, 3, 6 or 12) months term of website maintenance services selected by Client once the current plan is over.

Services Include in the Website Maintenance Plan

A) Content Updates

  • Images
  • Texts
  • Multimedia
  • Meta Tag
  • Sitemap
  • WebPages
  • Blog posting
  • Developing Menu and Sub-Menu

B) Data Analytics

  • Analytics Integration
  • Analytics Report
  • Google AdSense Integration

C) Web Maintenance & Monitoring

  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Website breakdown maintenance
  • Automated website breakdown maintenance
  • Website corrective maintenance
  • Automated website corrective maintenance
  • Optimization and performance tuning of website
  • Password Recovery
  • Website Consultation

D) Design Updates

  • CSS Customization
  • Template Customization
  • Module Positioning
  • Responsive Website setup

E) Extensions Installation and Enhancement

  • Installation and configuration of Extensions
  • Version & Module upgrade
  • Installation of Language
  • Host to Host Transfer
  • Core platform upgrade
  • Deploying Websites and Web applications

F) Enterprise Services

  • Graphic Editing
  • Core Code modification
  • Project Consultation
  • Joomla & Wordpress Installation with Content & Structure
  • Website Staging
  • Phone Support

G) Coding Man hours Limit

Enterprise plan come with free coding man hours. If client website need code changes then client gets 8 hours of coding for free. This feature is available only in enterprise plan. However if the coding hour exceeds the stipulated man hour then client will be charged extra. Any additional cost will be communicated to the client before the coding.

2. Website Maintenance and Support Service Level Agreement Term

The plan of this agreement is a (1, 3, 6 or 12) months term. The renewal term will depend upon the subsequent receiving of payment for additional period of services. If the plan is not renewed then the services shall cease to exist for another term.

3. Website Maintenance and Support Service Level Agreement Termination

3.1. If the Client wishes to terminate this agreement, a 30-day written notice of intent to terminate must be delivered by Client to Convergence IT Services Pvt Ltd. The termination of the agreement would require approval of Client and Convergence IT services Pvt Ltd management who signed the SLA and there will be no refund of the remaining amount.

4. Amendments to Contract

Any amendment to the contract of this agreement would require the mutual agreement of both the Client and Convergence IT services Pvt Ltd management who signed the SLA.

5. Client Responsibilities

5.1. Obligations

The Client agrees to provide Convergence IT Services Pvt Ltd with reasonable access to all necessary personnel to answer any questions about any problems or errors reported by the Client regarding the website. When requested and necessary, the Client shall provide Convergence IT services Pvt Ltd with details such as Login Details, FTP access details, cPanel access details.

5.2. Primary Contacts

The Client shall appoint minimum one (1) or maximum of two (2) individual(s) within Client's organization to serve as primary contact between the client and convergence IT services Pvt Ltd and to receive support through convergence IT services’ telephone support center (In case if any need arise).

6. Level of Support and Error Correction

6.1. The working days for convergence IT services Pvt Ltd are from Monday to Friday and the daily business hours are 10:00 A.M to 06:00 P.M

6.2. The offices of Convergence IT Services Pvt Ltd will remain closed on national and public holidays and other pre-defined holidays. On this day no services will be carried out. Tickets raised on holidays will be carried on to the next business day.

6.3. For every ticket submitted the resolution time depends upon the type of plan purchased. For Starter and Basic plan the resolution time is 48 business hours for Business plan it is 24 business hours and for enterprise plan it is 12 business hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday).

6.4. . Upon identification of the website errors, or whenever the client needs modification, editing, etc. The client shall notify Convergence IT services Pvt Ltd by raising a ticket. The ticket shall provide Convergence IT services Pvt Ltd with a problem report and enough information to reproduce the error. Convergence IT services Pvt Ltd shall use its reasonable efforts to respond to problem reports at the earliest or as per described in plan chosen by the client. Convergence IT Services Pvt Ltd shall not be responsible for correcting any errors not attributable to Convergence IT Services Pvt Ltd.

6.5 A). In the types of support there are main-categories like i) Content Updates ii) Data Analytics iii) Web Maintenance & Monitoring iv) Design Updates v) Extensions Installation and Enhancement vi) Enterprise Services and under these main categories there are multiple services listed. When client submit a ticket then in a single ticket client can choose any one main category and list maximum of 3 services from that category. For example if client chooses Content Updates then he has to choose maximum 3 services from Content Updates only. If client choose more than 3 services in a single ticket then the additional services will be considered as separate ticket and will be deducted from the overall ticket count.

6.5 B). In every single ticket client can raise or ask for Maximum three updates. For e.g if client opt for Annual Business plan with 50 tickets then in total he gets 50 x 3= 150 updates in course of 12 months

6.6. Client cannot interchange main category and services for example client Cannot choose main category as Content Updates and choose services form Web Maintenance & Monitoring. . If we come across any such instances we have the rights to refuse the ticket notifying the same to the client. The ticket count will not be considered for refused ticket. However client need to submit another ticket in compliance with terms mentioned in 6.5 of “Level of Support and Error Correction”.

6.7. . If convergence IT Services closes a ticket raised by the client and sends the mail for the same but for some reason if a client wish to reopen the closed ticket, then the client has to do it within 48 hours after closing the ticket, or else the reopened ticket will be counted as new ticket and a ticket will be deducted from the overall count

6.8. In case if the developer(s) has to visit the client premises to offer the website maintenance services then it will be charged separately – the charges include developer fees for number of days he/she is present on the premise, Travelling & Food expenses and Miscellaneous expenses.

6.9. Every request client sends is considered as new ticket. If client sends a follow-up request on the same ticket which is not related to client’s initial request then it will be considered as new ticket.

6.10 The resolution time taken for each ticket depends upon the complexity and availability of timely accurate information from client’s sides. However, there are possibilities that some of the raised ticket may or may not be resolved due to some unavoidable circumstance. In that case the ticket will be treated as void and the count remains unchanged. Convergence IT services should not be held liable in that case whatsoever.

6.11 Once the maintenance period expires then client’s pending tickets priority status automatically changes to “Low” irrespective of the status level before the expiry of the plan. This remains till client renews the plan.

6.12 Once the maintenance period expires and all the pending tickets are closed from Convergence IT Services then no follow-up request will be considered on the pending tickets after expiry of the plan.

6.13 None of the plans include bulk data entry services. Bulk data entry service means any kind of content upload, product upload, etc. whose count is more than 10 at a time. For example: Uploading of around 50 products one by one manually into a website, or updating around 15 pages with different content manually, cropping and uploading around 100 images manually, etc.  We can help you configure tools for bulk import/export/processing for your website, but not feed in the data manually one by one. Once the import/export/processing tools are configured, we can import/process the data provided from your side in a specified format as a part of a ticket request.

7. Payment Terms

The initial agreement period for Starter and Basic Plans are minimum 6 or 12 months but for business and enterprise plan you can pay on monthly basis but the payment for each month shall be paid upfront at the first week of every contract month. We will be raising the Invoice for each month during the ending week of the contractual month and shall expect the payments within 7 days.

8. Increasing Charges

Convergence IT services Pvt Ltd may increase the plan charges, as set out in this Agreement by giving 14 days’ prior written notice or through mail to take effect at the end of the notice period. In such an event, if the client does not want to renew the plan or the client want to terminate this Agreement before the end of the said notice period he can do it by a written notice or through mail to convergence IT Services Pvt Ltd.

9. Convergence IT Services Pvt Ltd Contact Information

Website Maintenance and Support Service is available from Monday through Friday (excluding public and national holidays) from 10:00 A.M to 06:00 P.M (IST).

Phone: 022 25136632, 02266711475

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


10. Different Convergence Support Desk Plans

Starter Plan: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months

Basic plan: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months

Business plan: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months

Enterprise Plan: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months